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Have you paid attention to the watch you are wearing? Is it a branded watch or a non-branded one? The debate between buyers of branded or costly watches and buyers of non-branded or cheap watches has been going on for decades. We will start with the positives and negatives for both types of watches and then try to reach a conclusion.
Let us start with the non-branded watches. Non-branded cheap watches (in Danish billige ure) share an equal space with their branded counterparts in the watch market. They are extremely popular and continue to compete with their branded counterparts. However, like every product, these products have their positives and negatives.
First, we start by looking at the positives.
• Extremely affordable – The biggest selling point for non-branded cheap watches is that they are extremely affordable. The average selling price is around 1/10th the cost of a branded watch. The prices are kept low to attract buyers thus increasing the sales for the vendor who stocks them.

• Copycat design and decent build – The second selling point for a non-branded watch is the design and the build. Initially these watches were seen to be poor-quality knock-offs. However, today the makers of these watches have improved the quality of materials and they borrow heavily from the design of branded watches with minor modifications to differentiate them.
Next, let us look at the negatives.
• Limited use – A non-branded watch might look similar to a branded watch. But the fact remains that in order to keep costs low, the makers of these watches will use inferior materials. Since the watch is a machine, the low quality of materials used automatically reduces the life of the watch. Hence, you will end up using a non-branded watch for a shorter time than a branded watch.

• Susceptible to damage – Like stated earlier, the lower quality of materials used to make a non-branded watch make it extremely susceptible to damage. It makes no sense to repair it because you may end up spending a whole lot, as there is no warranty for the watch.
When it comes to branded watches, everyone admits that they are in a league of their own. Walk into a party wearing a branded watch and automatically everyone will complement you.
But is it actually worth buying a branded watch? Let us look at the positives and negatives.
We will start with the positives.
• Unique designs and superior build – The biggest USP of a branded watch is the number of designs you have access to. These designs are unique and one of a kind. These unique designs are coupled with an extremely superior build. The build of these watches cannot be matched and makes them very durable.

• Longer life and toughness – The high quality of materials used in making branded watches means that they have a much longer life than non-branded watches. Branded watches are much tougher than non-branded watches.
Next, let us look at the negatives.
• Cost a bomb – The biggest hurdle for branded watches is the price tag attached to them. The high price tag is equivalent to a month’s salary in some countries. This is the main reason why not everyone goes for a branded watch.

• High maintenance costs – The second hurdle for branded watches is the high maintenance costs. With superior materials being used, the owner will have to ensure that the watch is kept protected from damage both when being worn and when it is not being worn. With materials like diamonds and platinum being used in some watches, the cost of repairs automatically runs high.
Our conclusion is that the choice of a watch depends on the occasion and usage. You can use non-branded cheap watches for your daily use and branded watches for your party wear.

Cheap Watches
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