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The world of applications has brought in many technical possibilities which make work, education and entertainment easier to carry out. The applications seem to have taken the whole of human work in its hands. What could be only imagined is now possible and by playing with some of the applications or apps as they are favorite called is making so many possibilities in no time. In fact there were discussions as to why should not face book, the most sought after social networking site, have a video down loader?

            The application that we are discussing here is the FB Down loader, and as the name suggests it is all to do with the famous face book. The face book has taken the world by storm and is making people all around the world come together in their own particular way. It is an answer to the query that why should face book users take the help of a third party down loader?

Video Downloading

The features:

            It comes with the most important feature of don loading videos from the face book. There is no doubt that though we look at the videos on the internet and catch every minute of it, yet we want to sometimes have the videos in our mobiles to show it to the other family members. The down loader solves the problem of having to find the link to the videos. This is solved by searching for the particular URL which the application is actually designed for and then allows the user to downloading it faster than before. It is the easiest way to download videos from the face book.

How is it done?

            It is very simple to operate. All that you need to do is to copy the video URL and paste it at the spot allotted for the action and press download and in no time you have the Face book video in your system. An example of how the process is done can also be seen on the website, and with this the long asked for application to download public online videos has been fulfilled. Now it has actually happened and in a jiffy!

The options:

            The website is well known for the downloading application with which it has a very long experience. The special options that are on offer are that it is 100 percent free online and the user need not use any third party software. It gives downloading at the fasted download speed than the others. A customer or user friendly approach,  which makes sure that when the user has any problem downloading a video, the user has to just send a mail and it can be solved for him.

            It is very new and is a freshly designed feature on face book. All rights are reserved by the website management. They also have given their terms of use and privacy policy very clearly and before downloading, the user has to go through it and accept to get further with the downloading.

            The application has already found its way into the social network where people talk of ideas pertaining to internet applications. They have been discussion on twitter, face book and Google plus etc. The down loader functionality and download method can be seen in several languages, such as English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Estonian, Dutch etc.


            Even as early as now, there are many people who vote to say that they like the application.

            The one most important and favored application which face book users were missing has been given to them and with the help of the new and latest FB downloader, the question has been answered appropriately.

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