Can Used Car Dealers Really Offer High Quality Vehicles for Low Prices?

used cars

Americans are much more likely to purchase used vehicles, because they can save a lot of money. According to data from Kelley Blue Book, car buyers save about 25% by purchasing used cars. However, they can save even more money by selecting the dealer carefully. Some dealers are able to offer much lower rates than their competitors, while still offering quality products.

used cars

Why Some Used Car Dealers Offer the Best Deals

Every used car dealer wants to offer the lowest prices to their customers. However, customers are often skeptical about the quality of highly discounted vehicles. The truth is that the company’s operation’s strategy has a large impact on the cost of the vehicles that it sells. Here are some reasons that some used car dealers can offer more competitive rates than others.

Lower Overhead

Every used car dealer needs to charge a premium to cover other costs, such as rent, lighting, sales staff and marketing fees. Companies that offer on a leaner budget can charge much lower prices. Customers should study the dealership carefully to get a sense of how money is being spent.

You will want to buy a car from a company that is committed to quality, so the dealership should be well kept and staffed properly. However, you don’t want to spend money at a dealership that seems to be wasting money while also offering cars at a steep discount. That is a red flag that there may be problems with the cars they are selling.

Greater Sales Volume

Used car dealers can also keep their costs low by maintaining a higher sales volume. Dealers operating in a busier part of town tend to have a higher turnover, which allows them to lower their prices. They will also be able to sell more vehicles if they have a higher inventory than their competitors. You will want to see how many customers they have and how many cars they have in stock before buying a vehicle for them. If they seem to be selling a lot of cars, then that is a good indication that they can keep costs low without offering subpar products.

How Are Vehicles Obtained?

You will also want to find out how the used car dealer purchased its vehicles through a trade-in or an auction. While auctions can offer some great bargains, they are also very risky. The auctioneers rarely let people test drive the vehicles, which makes it difficult to determine their condition. Used car dealers that purchased a lousy car at an auction may not be willing to eat the loss and may be tempted to withhold that information from the customer.

Used car dealers have a lot more discretion about the cars they purchase through trade-ins. It is always safer to work with a dealer like this company that buys vehicles directly through the customer.

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