Uncovering the Myths of Mirrors

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Myths and superstitions about mirrors have been around for thousands of years. In fact, almost every culture from the beginning of time has had some belief in the mystical powers surrounding their reflection, whether in a pool of water or in a mirror. While traditions have change over time, there are many myths surrounding mirrors that still exist today and are often talked about. Read below to uncover some of the top mirror myths that are still talked about today.

Seven Years of Bad Luck

One of the most popular myths is the superstition that if you break a mirror, you will have bad luck for the next seven years. This superstition dates as far back as the Roman Empire, when the people believed that each person’s soul would be renewed every seven years. Therefore, if you broke a mirror you would have bad luck until your soul was renewed. However, there were plenty of ways you could escape a horrifying seven years, such as burying some pieces of the mirror underground at moonlight, throwing all of the pieces of the broken mirror directly into running water, or breaking up the broken pieces so they are so tiny that you can no longer see a reflection.

While there is no basis for this superstition, many people today still believe that they are in danger of having seven years of bad luck if they break a mirror. For this reason, many people go to great lengths to protect their mirrors and make sure they do not break.

Trapped Souls

Another common tradition in some cultures is the act of covering all the mirrors in the home after someone has died. Typically, this is only done if the person dies in a horrendous accident or is murdered. The belief is that if left uncovered the deceased soul may actually be trapped inside the reflection of the mirror. Not only will this prolong the deceased one’s transition to their next life, but it could cause the owner of the mirror to be haunted as long as the deceased is trapped.

See a Spirit

Many mirror legends warn that you should never look at your reflection, whether in water or in a mirror by candlelight. This is considered to be quite dangerous and is said to evoke the spirits. Some believe that you may actually be able to see the reflection of a passed loved one’s spirit in the mirror if viewed by candlelight. This myth has been passed down for many generations.

No Reflection

Another myth is the fact that vampires and witches are not able to see their reflection in a mirror. This is because they do not possess a soul, which is believed to be necessary to see a reflection. At various times in history, mirrors were actually used to determine if someone was a witch or not. The recent popularity in witches and vampires has increase the popularity of this myth. Many movies and television shows have used this myth as part of their storyline. Of course, before you believe this myth to be true or not, you must first believe in the existence of vampires and witches.

decorated mirrorsWhether you believe in these mirror myths or not, you have to admit that there is something mystical about mirrors. They certainly do help magically turn any space in your home look and feel larger than it really is. In addition, all types of mirrors, from a floor mirror to a bathroom vanity mirror to an elegant oval wall mirror, have a way of making every room in the house look great. The addition of a mirror to any room is a great way to add beauty and mystery to your space.

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