Uganda: The To-Do and To-See List 2016


The beautiful country of Uganda is just bursting with things to see and do, from cultural city highlights to exploring the stunning natural scenery and wildlife. Read on for the essential to-do and to-see list for 2016.


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Rwenzori Mountains National Park

This national park is often cited as being one of the most spectacular on the whole continent of Africa. The park is home to the highest mountain range in Africa and is also one of the only places to see the Angola Colubus Monkey.

Sesse Islands

As it’s a landlocked country, few people expect to be visiting a beach on their trip to Uganda, but there is Lake Victoria. In particular, the Sesse islands archipelago, which is located within the lake itself, can compete with any idyllic beach you might expect to find in the Caribbean or Asia. With a new ferry service that is only ten years old, the beaches are relatively underdeveloped and certainly offer a opportunity for getting away from it all.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This is arguably one of the best national parks in Uganda and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so anyone on a gorilla trekking holiday in Uganda from a travel company such as is likely to head here. The park is home to around half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas as well as an immense number of other species of animals, from chimpanzees to a range of stunning birds and butterflies.

Kampala and the Uganda National Museum

No trip to Uganda is complete without heading to its capital city, Kampala. Here you will find the National Museum of Uganda, an essential place to visit where you can understand more about the people, history and geography of the country. Whilst in the capital, also take a trip to the UNESCO-protected Kasubi Tombs and Mengo Palace.

Head to Jinga, Source of the Nile

Whilst most visitors head to the capital, Kampala, for their Ugandan city experience, more and more are also heading to the second-biggest city, Jinga. This is where the source of the White Nile is, and it’s also a great place for adventurers. From Jinga it’s possible to go white-water rafting and bungee jumping, whilst those looking for cultural landmarks should head to the Hindu Temple with its bronze bust of Gandhi.

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