Different Types and Trends for Built in Homes with Greater Style

Trends for Built in Homes

There are many different types of homes that will vary greatly in design and style.  Each architect is different and unique but will generally follow a type of design template. Often, neighborhoods and cities will require the same style of home to be built in a specific location. This limits the architect’s creative abilities but allows them to add their interpretation within each house style design.

These different styles have many influences and have al caught on at one point or another in America. As you will see, most non-contemporary style homes are recognizable to the average person. The only thing is that the average person may not be aware that these types of houses that you see so often have a historical significance to them. In this article, we will go over a few of these design types for you and talk about how they came to be.

Cape Cod Homes

Cape cod homes originated in the 1600’s in Britain. They were mainly built post World War 2. They are similar to cottages but have bigger chimneys and roofs that are steeper. This is to account for the cold and snowy winters. The snow will more easily fall off of the roof when it is at a steeper incline. These types of homes will usually have two large windows on either side of the front doors and shingles around the exterior.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes are built with the building styles that are popular today. They are designed to maximize natural lighting and energy efficiency. They incorporate a lot of recycled materials within them. They will appear very square shaped and will be recognizable right away when you see one.

French Provincial Homes

The French Provincial style home is one of the older designs that you will not see very often. This type of home made its way to America following World War 1. It has a heavy French influence behind it. It features point rooftops with a cone point in the front. These homes are usually 3 stories high.

Trends for Built in Homes

Colonial Homes

Colonial homes were popular in early America. It was the style of choice among settlers in the 1600’s, when colonial architecture began. These homes are very symmetrical and stand multiple stories tall. One of the first things that you may notice about these types of homes is the evenly spaced windows. They are usually spaces so that there is no space between one shutter to the next. The second thing that you will notice is the columns that surround the front door. These columns serve two purposes. The first is for show and stay. The second is usually to support a 2nd floor balcony that stands over the front doors.

There are many other types of homes that are built these days. The trends will come and go but the styles will always remain the same. You can find more information on building designs here Builders in St George Utah.

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