Trek to the lap of nature

Trekking is a beautiful thing. It is not only an adventure but also a way to remain close to nature. It is always an escape from the concrete jungle where people lead their everyday life.

There are many places for trekking near Bangalore this summer if you are in this city. You can try these options and will enjoy the most.

Beach Trails of Goanna: this will start from 7th April at 9 PM and will end on 10th April at 6 AM. This trek is organised by the Mad Nomad and one has to book theory seats by paying an amount of Rs 1800. Gokarna is said to be one of the most serene beaches which is located at the Kannad district south of Goa. This is a place where one does not find the exceeding crowd of Goa but can still enjoy the relaxing mode of the sea beach with endless shores and water rushes. This is a trek and so one has to climb up a small hillock and they can reach a rock cliff. From here one can get to see fascinating scenery of the entire beach and the sea. This is also the famous point from where the dolphins can be seen. Then there is a trek walk till the half moon beach and one can get to see the lovely sun set at the Paradise beach. Then there will be camp sites and bon fire where one can enjoy and have a lovely night looking at the clear sky with full of stars. Next day post breakfast there will be a trip to the Nirvana Beach which is again 20 kilometres away from Gokarna and has an eight kilometre one stretch beach. Then the journey is over as people come back to Bangalore.

Ramanagara all women day camp: this is on 22nd April from 7 AM in the morning to 7 PM in the evening. For booking one has to deposit an amount of Rs 1199. This place as we all know is the famous one where the shooting if the hit film Sholay was done. This place is a famous for a lot of adventure activities. This place is also a heaven for those who love to do bird watching. Just a couple of kilometres away from the city of Bangalore, this is one of the most peaceful places to be in. There will be pick up and drop facilities from the BDA Complex of Bangalore. The trek will provide lunch and after return there will be a high tea as well.

Kumar Parbat trek: this will start from 31st march at 9.30 PM and will end on 2nd April 7.30 PM. For bookings one need to pay Rs 3815. Here one can see Pushpagiri range of the Western Ghats where there is lush greeneries. It is a paradise for all the nature lovers. One can intake more oxygen and breathe fresh here.

Trekking will give you new energy and will make you close to the nature.

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