The top five reasons why you should purchase tickets for Stephen Ward the Musical

If you are looking for something fun to do over the next month or so, you should definitely take a trip to the Aldwych Theatre to see Stephen Ward the Musical. Many of us are still experiencing those dreaded winter blues and the natural comedown that occurs after the Christmas period. Nevertheless, purchase Stephen Ward tickets and you will soon have that smile back on your face. Read on to discover the top five reasons why this musical is one not to be missed…

1.   Thrilling Plot

There is only one place to begin and this is with the plot of the show. Stephen Ward will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. You will begin on a high as the popular society osteopath is the most loved man in town. Throwing the best parties and having women on tap, Ward has it all! However, his world soon comes crashing down when news of the Profumo Affair leaks. Whilst Ward himself isn’t involved in the affair, his life gets hit the hardest as he is charged for offences relating to prostitution. Tragedy then commences and you watch one of the biggest downfalls ever to be experienced. This is truly one of the most fantastic stories to have hit theatre in a very long time.

2.   Andrew Lloyd Webber

When Andrew Lloyd Webber is involved in a musical you know it is going to be a good one. The creative genius is responsible for all of the music in the show. This is a man that needs no introduction. In 1992 he received a knighthood. For his services to music he also has a peerage from the Queen. If that wasn’t enough, he boasts three Grammy Awards, seven Tony Awards, seven Olivier Awards, fourteen Ivor Novello Awards, an Academy Award, and many, many more.

3.   Positive Reviews

One of the best ways to determine, whether a theatre show is worth seeing or not is to read the reviews that have been conducted by top critics. If you take a look online you will see that Stephen Ward the Musical has a glistening reputation. This is a show that is currently receiving praise from every newspaper and media outlet going. If that doesn’t fill you with confidence that your money is being spent well, then nothing will.

4.   A Cheap Day Out

This leads nicely onto the next point; Stephen Ward tickets are available at incredible prices. Usually people are put off going to the theatre because they deem it to be one of the most expensive forms of entertainment. On the whole this is something that is largely true. However, it does not apply to Stephen Ward the Musical. If you go to the official ticket website you will see that prices begin from as little as £15.00 and you can find really good seats without parting with more than £25. Where else are you going to find so much fun at such a small cost?

5.   Excellent Cast

Last but not least, the final reason why you should see this amazing musical is because of the cast involved in it. Stephen Ward is played by Alexander Hanson. He has an exceptional career in the world of theatre and has even featured in several television shows and films. However, his most notable appearance to date has to be in Jesus Christ Superstar. In addition to this, you also have Charlotte Spencer, Charlotte Blackledge and the incredible Anthony Calf.

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