Top 5 IT Certifications for Freelancers in 2014 – Check Out Appropriate Prospects

Certifications aren’t just intended for employed professionals, it can also be very useful for freelancers or self-employed individuals. The advantage of obtaining a certificate may include increased knowledge, get more clients, become more reputable and trustworthy and of course to get more income. These certifications can be very useful for freelancers such as graphic designers, web developers, IT professionals, content writers, virtual assistants and etc. following are determined the top 5 certifications for freelancers in 2014.

Why Obtain Certifications for Freelancers

Even though certifications are not required by most clients, it is still significant to acquire a certification because some client prefers freelancers to hold a certification. This helps freelancers to become more skilled, qualified and reliable. If you are a freelancer, acquiring a certification is definitely the best decision.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

Project Management Professional certification is one of the most in-demand certifications these days. This is intended for professionals and freelancers who wish to prove abilities or expertise in freelance project management. This is a helpful certification to become a more reputable and dependable freelancer. However, to qualify for the certification, the interested individual should be a graduate of bachelor’s degree and 5 year knowledge and experience in project management. Other perks of obtaining the PMP certification are you can demand for higher rate for your freelance project.

Adobe Certified Expert Certifications

Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert is one of the best credentials that you can use to become more reputable and dependable freelancers. As you know, Adobe offers several useful certifications for freelancers like Videographers, animators and graphic designers. When you have Adobe certifications, it will surely help you become a more effective freelancer. It may not be a requirement, but it can definitely boost your chance.

Media Bistro Copyediting Certificate Program

For freelance writers and editors, Media Bistro Copyediting Certification is an amazing certification that can help individuals who wish to start. This is considered as one of the recognized certifications for media professionals like writers, journalist and others. This company is also known to offer various programs associated to copyediting and copywriting. This certification will surely enhance your copyediting skills especially if you wanted to work for a newspaper, television station or magazine publication.

AMA’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)

AMA’s Professional Certified Marketer or PCM is one of the amazing certification for marketing professionals and marketing consultants. This certification will prove that you have the right abilities needed to perform your task as marketing consultants. Although it is not a requirement for most clients, some may still require this credential especially if you are connected to a certain organization.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ Certification is one of the top certifications for freelancers in 2014. This certification is intended for freelance IT professionals.  As you know, Network security is in-demand these days and if you will be working with a certain client with delicate information and security is all they need, and then CompTIA Security+ certification is all you need.

Passing the above mentioned certifications is the main key for you to become more proficient. These certifications can be useful for freelancers to prove that they have the right skills and abilities.

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