Tips to Move a Car

Tips to Move a Car

Summary: Shifting your home is a combination of many tensions. Packing the house holdings, deciding which thing is to be taken which can be left behind. You may take help of packers to pack your things. It takes 2 to 3 days to do this. All things need different packing. Notice the need of elements and then decide the packing style.  Once you did all this, most crucial moment comes when you look at your car. No family can survive without having car so it is important element to take with. Whether you have choice or not I would advise to move a car by shipping as it will save extra mileage of the car.

With this advice a question arises how to find a good company and what to do before moving a car.

You have to

  • Calculate the car cost
  • Search the company
  • Prepare the car for moving

Calculate the Car Cost

Calculate the car cost so that you will not be in loss in moving car, it will help you to understand that your car is worth moving or not. If you find that it is less precious and shipping cost is more than its price so avoid taking car with you. Your journey of car moving stops here, otherwise if you feel your car is worth moving your journey starts. Now move towards other two steps.

Search the company

You need to be intelligent for choosing right company, you may take following steps to select appropriate one

  • Internet may help you to make a list of companies in your area, open search engine enter the term list of auto shipping services in your area, and you will get a list, note down the names with contact numbers.
  • Don’t go for any ill reputed company, select the honorable one.
  • Company must follow the legal rules of area.
  • Ask whether company provides any insurance to your vehicle.
  • Make sure the company you selected is registered or not. A company must be insured and registered before it comes into market. An uninsured or non-registered company means it is substandard. Registered company means they are serious and honorable place in market. Now short list the names according to registration.
  • Cost is also an important element, don’t get black mailed by company as you are in need. Hire a company which offers less cost and high efficiency. Companies offer the shipping quotes on websites note them and arrange them in decreasing order with facilities in front. It will help in choosing the affordable services.
  • Time is an important aspect to consider, ask the company how much time it will take to ship your car. If the time is more than your need avoid using that company’s services and move for another.
  • Use your common sense in selecting the company.

Prepare the Car for Moving

 Once you selected the company and made an agreement, it is the time to prepare your car for moving. Take following steps

  • Wash your car.
  • Note down the cosmetic damages as dent or scratches.
  • Take the photographs of your car with a camera which takes date wise pictures.
  • Write down the damages and date it.
  • Personal items must be removed, these include cd player dashboard, sound system etc. as company’s insurance does not premise the personal of your cars.
  • Detach the parking passes.

Tips to Move a Car


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