Tips for Holding a Secular Funeral

The majority of Americans still embrace a religious faith, but a growing number of people are choosing to be atheists. Certain customs have been forced to evolve to adapt to this change. Funeral providers are among the people that have been forced to offer a new line of services to accommodate this growing segment of the population. The late actress Diedre Barlow is among the latest people to have a secular service held in their honor.

Secular services are becoming particularly common in Britain and other countries with a large humanist population. The United States tends to be more puritanical, but the prevalence of secular services here is increasing as well. If one of your deceased loved ones didn’t practice a religious faith, then you will want to hold a secular funeral in their memory.

What should a secular funeral be like? Here are some tips to take into consideration while planning their funeral.

Set Aside Your Own Beliefs

It is important to set aside their own views while planning a funeral. Even if you would prefer to hold a religious service, you should hold a secular one out of respect for your departed friend of family member.

Find a Funeral Home that Holds Secular Services

Speak with different funeral homes in the area, such as the funeral home providers at Some funeral homes specialize in serving someone of a particular faith, but others will hold funerals for anyone, including humanists, deists, atheists and other nonreligious individuals.

Focus on the Person’s Life

Secular funerals prefer to focus on the life of the individual, rather than discussing their death. Rather than asking attendees offer speeches to talk about their afterlife, your guests should be urged to focus on their life.

Ask people to record their favorite memories of these people while they were alive. They can discuss the positive memories of the departed to help remember them in a positive way.

Follow Wishes Outlined in their Will

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has said that many aging, nonreligious people are worried about what their funeral service will be like after they pass. They are encouraged to write down their requests in their will, so the executor of their estate knows what to plan.

Make sure that you honor requests to the best of your ability. Consult with the funeral director if you have any reservations about your ability to follow through.

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