Tips on Choosing Road Trip Destinations

While there are few travel experiences that compare with a classic road trip, they require plenty of planning if you want to increase your chances of having a truly special vacation. While there are many different ways to go about planning a road trip, and while your idea of a great vacation can be wildly different from someone else’s, certain tips can help anyone pick a better travel destination that will meet your definition of the perfect travel adventure. Start taking the following bits of advice to heart, take care of your RV rental and you’ll be amazed by just how good your future road trips are!

Look at Visiting Off-Season

While it’s understandable that certain places are just going to always be on the list of “must see” places, why see them when everyone else is? The truth is that lots of waiting and massive crowds often are some of the biggest killers of a good time – especially when the crowds are causing wait times and frustration.

You’re on vacation and looking to enjoy yourself, not spend hours in line waiting to get a peek at something while surrounded by stress. If you’re really insistent on visiting a really popular destination, then consider stopping in during the off-season if that’s viable.

Research for Hidden Gems

Why do you want to see the places that you most want to visit? Is it because of majestic mountains? Incredible quiet beaches? Unique history behind the park or area? Chances are there are many hidden gems that offer the same experience, scenery, or benefits that you’re looking for.

With hundreds of thousands of travel websites online and the ever impressive tool known as Google, finding good options is as easy as typing in some basic search terms. Some of my favorites include “Diamond in the Rough,” “Underrated,” “Least Visited,” and “Hidden Gems.” These will provide you with plenty of options to put together a lifetime’s worth of great road trips to take on after your RV rental is complete.

Stay True to Yourself

Just because a place is a really popular tourist destination or a “must visit” doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. If you’re planning a road trip that’s just for you, then the single most important piece of advice is to stay true to yourself. You may have a lot of friends who tell me about amazing tropical beaches, but if you prefer the beauty and solitude of nature then you should listen to your own desires – not to someone else’s recommendations based on what they like.

If you’re traveling with a group then you need to balance this out a bit to make sure the road trip has things that everyone is going to enjoy. If you’re not sure where to visit, think about what type of celebrations or festivals you want to experience, what skills you want to learn, or what places you want to visit for hobby related reasons. Once you look at these questions take those answers and ask yourself: “What road trip destinations can provide that experience for me?”

If you stay true to yourself, you’ll always enjoy your road trip more and at the end of the day that is the measure of whether a trip is successful or not.

Outline Main Stops & Leave Space in Between

A good road trip plan understands that there are two places where magic happens: at well planned destinations that have something to offer and on those “free days” where you have the time and independence to go off the beaten path. Hang out with new friends and locals you just met, take some local advice on places to see or events you won’t want to miss, and get those cameras ready to help capture those magical sights and moments.

The best plan has a few main stops and days you must be there, but then leaves space in between to move, adjust, or explore as you see fit.

Have a Plan (and a Backup Plan)

You might relate to “Free Bird” as your travel song, but even free spirits are going to consistently have better trips with a plan or backup plan. While “I’m going to go wherever the wind takes me,” might sound like fun, it often loses its luster pretty quickly when you’re just bouncing around looking for a place to camp or something to do.

Plan out at least the solid outline or basics of a road trip. If you take the advice from the tip above, this won’t feel constricting but gives some solid places to visit and enough freedom to really embrace the adventure and excitement that every good road trip should bring to the table.

In fact, you should have a good plan & backup plan even before you even start looking for deals on your next RV rental.

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