Tips for Buying Clothing for Elementary School Children

A study from Women & Co. and found that buying clothing for their children is the top spending priority for most parents. Unfortunately, buying clothing for your elementary school child can be a lot more difficult than for their older siblings. Parents will need to make their decisions carefully before

Tips for Buying Clothing for Elementary School Children

Buying Clothes for Your Young Children

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing clothing for your child. You need to understand fashion choices, budgets, school dress codes and durability of the clothes that you are considering. Here are some things worth considering.

Fashion Trends

Many parents underestimate the amount of pressure young children face to wear “the right” clothes. Fashion is particularly important for high school students, but young children feel the urge to fit in as well.

You will want to understand the recent fashion trends and ask your children for feedback. The styles are different and preferences can change quickly, but cartoon style clothes seem to be popular for long periods of time. You may want to consider buying SpongeBob Squarepants T-shirts at

School Dress Codes

Schools have become increasingly strict with their dress codes these days. There was recently a story on Think Progress about a girl that was forced to wear an embarrassing suit for failing to comply with her school dress code. This was a more extreme example of the consequences of failing to comply with a school dress code, but most schools have some disciplinary system in place.

You will want to understand the school dress code before buying children clothes. You can still buy clothes that don’t align with it, but make sure your children realize they need to wear them outside of school.


The cost of children’s school clothes has increased in recent years. You will need to shop around before making any decisions. Fortunately, most clothes should be within your budget. However, you will need to speak with your child if any of the clothes they want are too expensive.


You will also want to make sure that their clothes will last for a long time. Wicked clothes tend to be very durable and won’t start to fall apart if it gets wet. Most traditional materials such as cotton should also last the entire school year.

Health Impacts

You will also need to consider the health impacts different types of clothing will have on your children. Clothing made from polyester, acrylic, rayon and nylon contain toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer and other health problems.

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