Spine Issues You Should Know About

Back and spinal problems are serious ailments that, if left untreated, can lead to long-term discomfort and more. If you have back pain or discomfort, it could be the sign of something more serious. Don’t let your back pain go ignored; read on for the run-down on both common and more serious spine issues that you should know about.

Bad Back Pain

Spine and Vertebrae Deterioration

A common cause of back pain and mechanical spine problems—i.e., the way the spine moves—is the deterioration of vertebrae in the spine. Most commonly, this deterioration is a result of old age. With age, the cushioning between the vertebrae is often worn away, resulting in back pain and discomfort, especially with movement. Problems with movement can also arise from an injury or fracture. If the spine or back is painful during movement, it should be looked at immediately.

Nonstructural and Structural Scoliosis

Scoliosis refers to a curvature of the spine. The difference between nonstructural and structural scoliosis is the nature of the curvature as well as the normalcy of the curve. For example, nonstructural scoliosis refers to a normal spine that temporarily appears curved, perhaps as a result of growth or a temporary condition, such as inflammation. The more serious form of scoliosis is structural scoliosis, in which the curve in the spine is permanent. This type of curvature can be caused by a number of factors, is usually C-shaped, and requires medical treatment. Sometimes, the scoliosis will alleviate itself. Most often, though, treatment will involve bracing, physical therapy, or even surgery. Scoliosis is most commonly found in children and teenagers, and most public schools will conduct scoliosis screenings.

If your or a member of your family is suffering from back pain, has been in a car accident, or has any visible deformities in the back, seek medical treatment immediately. Untreated spinal injuries can result in long-term medical problems, and can be the cause of permanent pain and discomfort. Pain can also be the sign of more serious medical conditions, such as cancer or tumors. Additionally, if your child hasn’t received a scoliosis screening, make an appointment with your physician today.

Spinal Fractures

A common and unfortunate condition is the fracture of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Usually, fractures of these parts of the spine are caused by a serious collision or trauma, such as a car accident or fall from a high level. Fractures of this nature can be very painful, and rarely go undetected. Symptoms include back pain that’s worsened by movement, as well as numbness, tingling, and problems going to the bathroom. Treatment usually involves surgery and the use of steroids.

Infection and Tumors

More uncommon spinal issues are infections and tumors. Infections and tumors of the spine and vertebrae don’t normally result in back pain. However, some back pain can be the sign of an infection or tumor of the vertebrae in the spine. One condition that will cause pain is known as osteomyelitis, which is a rare infection of the bone. If you suffer from alcoholism, diabetes, drug use, HIV, or sickle-cell disease, you are at a higher risk of developing osteomyelitis.

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