Solar Powered Fairly Lights for Christmas

Fairly Lights for Christmas

Perhaps you have found solar powered Christmas lights that line the building magnificently on the Christmas evening. Perhaps, you wanted to purchase those fairly lights many times to decorate your apartment during Christmas nights but couldn’t, as you didn’t have proper information about them. It is true that a good research is necessary while purchasing these solar lights for you; otherwise this may be just a loss of money in your case. There are several chances that the lights you would purchase have wrong solar cell as well as poor battery combination. With so many manufacturers of solar power fairly lights, it really becomes difficult for you to choose the right one for you.

You may find these solar powered lights at every retail stores and as Christmas is approaching, there is a great availability of these lights at every departmental store. However, before buying one for your home, you can go through these following guidelines to make your investment a fruitful one:

Check the Solar Panel as Well as its Combination to the Power cell: In this type of light, solar power is transformed into energy and stored into the rechargeable battery. The battery will be able to supply power to the fairly lights once it will charged up enough. They are completely electric free and hence, it saves the cost of your electric. An automatic power sensor is also included in these fairly lights that makes it enable to light up in every Christmas evening. Though, you can set the sensor timing according to your wish. There is also system in these lights that enables you turn on and off them manually at anytime you want.

The solar panel of these fairly lights is not large enough ideally. This is the reason it doesn’t generally provide enough energy to the power cell. However, in case you get a fairly light that has incorrect or improper panel and battery combination, then the life of the lights will surely to be reduced. In case if the battery is quite small and the solar panel is large enough, then it can properly charge the battery. Once charged up well, the battery can power the lights for more than 6 hours. This is the reason it is important to get a fairly light that has proper solar panel and battery combination.

You should check that the solar panel size should be at least 10 X 7 cm for smaller ones that have around 50-100 LEDs. When you are buying a set of fairly lights that have 200-300 lights, then the solar panel size should be little lesser. A great tip is to buy look for solar panels that have 10-11 solar strips as these would charge in a faster way.

The battery should also be a great determinate of these fairly lights. If you choose a suitable battery, it ensures that the performance of your solar fairly lights will be increased in a great extent. It is imperative that you will choose NIMH batteries as they have more capacity than the NICD power cells. Both of these two batteries need to be recharged regularly and after a certain period of time they will not work, if you don’t charge them.

Fairly Lights for Christmas

Controller for Fairly Lights: Apart from the battery-solar panel combination, another important part that you should take while buying solar power fairly lights is to determine whether you choose a pre-built into solar panel or separate one. However, this could be totally your personal choice as there is no major difference in these two types. One thing to remember is to choose solar panel that is sealed as well as water tight.

If you are in a though to make this Christmas a really colorful way to celebrate then you can go for Powerbee solar fairly lights. These lights are literally environment friendly and you can use them in multitude of ways.

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