Smoothie Bikes – What is It All About

Smoothie Bikes

Ever heard of a smoothie bike? They have been becoming a lot popular in the recent times, all over the globe. There is no known inventor as such for this particular bike. It just looks like a regular bike with a more eco friendly purpose.

Smoothie Bikes

How is it different from a regular bike?

A smoothie bike is an ordinary bicycle that stands fixed in a place and sometimes has only the front wheel on it. The bike has a small blending jar attached to it. The cyclist who rides the bike will be able to make the blender blend any fruit that is put inside it. There is no energy involved and there is no energy lost in making a perfect smoothie. This is what the whole bike is all about. As it has been introduced for this purpose, it is also called a blending bike. The blending bike consists of regular bicycle parts blended with the machineries for a blender. If the bike has both the wheels attached, the cyclist may be able to ride it along while blending the juice. However, most of the times, there is only one wheel attached. There are risks that the blended smoothie, the product of your efforts may spill when you are riding it. Hence, you need to choose a bike with just one wheel. The sole idea of this particular creation is to be able to achieve something out of mere physical work, where smoothies are the goal here. The smoothie that you blend is free from preservatives and chemicals and hence it is completely natural. Use a fruit from the organic store to make it more natural and healthy.

Go for a ride

These bikes are very popular in outdoor events where people have various competitions for the one producing the highest quantity of juice as well as the one who blends a juice first. The competitions held have seen such great appreciation from the audience and have received a great deal of participants. The blending bike competition is useful for fitness freaks and cyclists as well as people who want to do their bit in going green. It is the most cost effective and energy effective way to make a delicious smoothie. When you make a smoothie at home, you need to add sugar and other flavouring agents along with the fruit and use the blender to make the drink. This uses electrical energy and gives your body a good increase in calories. It is well known that sugar increases calories drastically. In addition, adding of flavouring agents that contain chemicals and having the drink often is not a good idea. It might have a major negative effect on your body. This is where the blending bike comes to rescue. You need not worry about sugar and flavouring agents or electricity when you do your smoothie.

You will surely want to taste the original flavour of the smoothie that you made using your own efforts. You can make a bike by yourself or buy one from the store. However, if you are buying, always opt for the single wheeled smoothie bike that is remote and immobile. You can install it either inside your house or in the garden where you can have fresh air while blending your smoothie. If you are not much of an outdoor person, install it in your TV room and shed calories watching TV. The benefit is not pain, nor gain. You exercise and blend your juice at the same time. You lose calories and you gain them. Along with it, you also get the various benefits of cycling that strengthens your muscles.

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