Small Vacuums, Big Advantages

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Small vacuum cleaners now seem to be preference of an increasing number of householders. These small cleaners are manufactured with many of the extras usually associated with larger models but on a somewhat smaller scale. The following are a few examples of what advantages small vacuum cleaners can offer the customer requiring a new or replacement appliance.

Lighter and simple to operate

If you are a mature person or find large, heavy vacuum cleaners awkward and arduous to use, these small vacuum cleaners are ideal due to their light weight and manoeuvrability around the home.


Large vacuum cleaners are difficult to stow out of sight due to their bulky size if you have a limited amount of storage space. A small cleaner can be hidden away in a much smaller area of your home.

More economical to buy

It is well known that the smaller the vacuum cleaner, the less expensive it usually will be. Therefore, an economical option is to buy a small vacuum cleaner as your main appliance, or even as an additional cleaner if you live in a multi-storey home or have difficulty in transporting it from level to level.

Ideal for smaller homes, flats and caravans

If you live in a small house, flat or caravan, space will probably be limited. A small vacuum cleaner could be the best option with its lesser dimensions and ability to manoeuvre into relatively small spaces. You will find you can complete your cleaning more speedily and effectively.

 Not as noisy

Large vacuum cleaners have bigger and more powerful motors and inevitably make a great deal more noise. On the other hand, small cleaners are powered by smaller and less powerful motors which subsequently do not create as much noise.  This can be helpful if you have members  of the family who are watching TV or sleeping.

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