Shopping list that arises during the first trimester of pregnancy

As far as the shopping list during pregnancy or the first trimester evolves, the question comes whether you need to purchase anything at this point of time.  The pregnancy is news and you may decide in waiting to break the news to your near and dear ones. No doubt grocery shopping list third trimester does seem important, but there are some things till you need to buy at this point of time.

Pregnancy journal

On certain occasions the pregnancy could drag a lot, be assured that the 9 months would pass off with a blink of an eye. Do take time to invest in a journal and pin down the experiences of pregnancy. Just note down the vivid thoughts and experiences that you are likely to face during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Ginger treats

This might not seem to be the most appealing appetizer, but combats morning sickness. Carry some mints or ginger lollipops in your purse and do put one in your mouth when you are struggling with morning sickness.

Baby book

During the first trimester of pregnancy you might be not thinking of a baby book. A host of books on pregnancy are more often than not detailed in description. Do record all the experiences of pregnancy along with the first visit to the doctor. Examples would be when you first feel the baby move or when you are going to hear the first heartbeat of your little one.

Waistband extender

During the first trimester you are not expected to put on a lot of baby weight. There is going to be a lot of water retention and you are going to invest in a waistband extender. Keep the pants up when you unsnap the top button. This would give you a few extra spaces till you need those maternity pants.

Pregnancy book

Most of the details about pregnancy can be obtained by the online platform. Nothing is more reassuring than a pregnancy book by the side of your table. There are varieties of books in the market that could cater to your tastes as far as pregnancy is concerned. This could be humour, laughter books or details about pregnancy in a nut shell.  Most of the pregnancy books are going to cover in details from conception to the stage of delivery.

A body pillow

The body is already prone to considerable changes during the time of pregnancy and a supportive body pillow would be an icing on the cake. Better opt for a U shaped pillow as it can support each and every inch of your body. It makes sense to invest in a quality body pillow as this would be something that you need during the entire course of pregnancy.

Belly cream

Even before you come across the first signs of stretch mark, have a belly cream handy. Based on the skin type you can find a product that matches . In this regard a considerable degree of research is called for.

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