Shipping using a pallet from start to finish


Shipping your items safely is top priority whether sending flowers to your mother or growing your ecommerce business. Pallets are a solid and stable platform on which to ship. Versatility is a key reason to choose pallet delivery. The best part; pallet shipping easier than you may think!

Which items can be shipped on pallets?

The answer is simple. Nearly anything. From your household appliances to special handcrafted items for your business. Engines and motor parts can even be placed on a pallet. Just be careful to drain the oil first!

Where can you find a pallet?

Most delivery services will be able to offer a pallet for a small fee as part of their services. National Pallets for instance offers its customers a pallet for the small charge of £12.50 + VAT.

Is there a weight limit?

Many trucks come with a back lift. The weight limit for most lifts is 1000 kg. Chances are that what you fit on your pallet won’t weigh the maximum load allowance.

How to prepare your pallet:

You chose a pallet for its stability. Make sure you stack bottom heavy. You don’t want your items slipping and sliding around the truck! If wrapping is your responsibility use secure jack straps. Many people also use a special thick plastic shrink wrap. Check pallet dimensions when packing your items. Measuring in advance is one way you can prepare your goods.

Pallet delivery service providers in the UK

Here’s a list of top companies to consider. National Pallets offer reliable service to your doorstep. Check their website for more details. You’ll find prices, countries they ship to across the EU and regulations.

  • Other UK delivery companies
    • palletline
    • Palletways
    • Pallet2ship
    • EFS Group
    • Pallet Courier part of Delivery Services Hub


When you’ve chosen your delivery service, check with them on the right plan to insure the types of items you wish to ship and the end destination you wish to ship to.

Let’s keep mum happy and your clients happy. Ship safely. Choose pallet shipping and getting your items to their destination will be a breeze.

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