What are Servers?

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If you are a business owner or are in charge of a business’s IT department, then you know that as a company grows larger, it needs to invest in multiple servers. Servers work as a central location where multiple employees can share files, access data, or save documents. Servers can also work as a tool for printing, or as a way for companies to share calendars, messages, a company website, or shared company software with employees. If you need a server in the near future but aren’t sure where to start, here’s a brief rundown on how servers work in a business setting, and the different server options to consider.

Business Use: Why Servers are Simple Solutions

Businesses use servers to help operations run smoothly. Through organizing, storing, and securing data, servers are professional and efficient devices worth incorporating into the office. Imagine having all of your files, printing needs, web access, device support, emails, Internet connectivity, and sharing needs accessible through a single device–the server.

Switching to a Server: The Benefits

If you’re a small business owner and are unsure about whether to buy a server for your office, here are a couple points to consider that will help you to determine if you’re ready for the investment.

There are two or more computers in your office: If there are two or more computers in your office, opt for buying a server for file sharing purposes.

You Need to Save Documents: If you have important documents that you can’t risk being lost, and don’t already have a secure way of protecting these documents, then it’s time for a server. With a server, it’s easy to backup and restore files that get deleted or lost.

You need to protect private documents: Not only will a server allow you to easily restore documents, but it will also give you the ability to restrict access to information that is sensitive and shouldn’t be viewed by other employees.

Employees Share Files: If employees share documents, calendars, notes, or emails, then you should get a server. Or, if you have employees that work away from the office, a serve will allow them to login remotely, giving them access to any work files.

Purchasing a Server: Which One?

A web server is the type of server that you access every time you use the Internet. The network is the Internet, and the page you request (the URL you type) is what’s served to you via the web server. A web server is a good description of how servers operate.

When it comes to your office needs, there are a few server options you might want to consider: file servers, print servers, application servers, and mail servers are all the most common servers used by businesses. A server for businesses, particularly small businesses, should be able to handle emails and networking, Internet connectivity, mobility, file backup and restoration, tools for administrators and managers, and remote accessibility. Many different companies, such as Microsoft, make servers specifically designed for small business needs.

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