When You should Send Out a Thank You Note

Thank You Note

Two simple words that can have a lasting effect on the person you say them to are ‘Thank You’. Sending out a thank you note or an email message is a great way to show your appreciation to someone, but can also go a long way in boosting your career, cementing a relationship with a friend or business associate, or helping you score a job offer that may just be just what you need in your life.

A Small Action but a Difference Maker

A thank you note can be hand-written, digital, or even physical ones that you can purchase from a store. You can even make them using your computer, but when it comes to sending out thank you notes, especially for formal reasons, it is prudent not to DIY them. In those scenarios, an online thank you card or a physical one works best and is most effective and magnificent in conveying the message that you want to send.

But the age old question is, when is it appropriate to say thank you? When it is necessary to thank someone formally? There are many occasions that call for a thank you note or a letter. Here are some of them:

If you’ve been ill

If you have been hospitalized recently or have had a recent illness, you should definitely send out a thank you note to all those people who took time out to visit you, bring your flowers or wish you a speedy recovery. If a person has offered to help you out with something during your bout of illness, or offered you their help in your recovery process, whether it to help out with chores, errands or kids, you should send them a thank you note.

If you’ve had a bridal or baby shower

If you have been thrown a bridal or a baby shower, you should send out thank you notes to all those who attended, brought your presents and even wished you, despite not being able to be there. Don’t forget to send out a special thank you to the friend who hosted the shower and organized it, because he or she went through the effort to put together something special for you and created memories that could last a lifetime.

Thank You Note

If you’ve thrown a child’s birthday party

Thank you cards are called for if you have just thrown a child’s birthday party. You must send out custom thank you notes to each guest to show your appreciation that they took the time out to attend. Whether a gift was brought or not really doesn’t make a difference here. You should send everyone who showed up at the party a thank you note. If a gift was purchased you should go that extra mile to thank the person for the gift as well as for attending the party.

If you’ve thrown a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner

If you have invited guests over for major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, they are bound to bring you something. A thank you note is a great way of showing your appreciation to them.

So show your appreciation and send out your Postable thank you note today.

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