Make Yourself Look Better In Self-Photography

Most of the youth these days would love to take pictures of their own whether with mobile camera, a digital, or just a webcam. However, the craze of self-snapping can never be accomplished successfully until and unless you adopt some casual tricks along with the useful techniques of photography to flash yourself in more better and appealing way in the photo frame. The problems you generally face while taking your photos are cutting heads, blunt light, goofy faces and mistaken angles.

Frame treatment

To capture a well-formed image of you, split your photo frame virtually into 3 portions like professionals. Try to fit yourself in 2/3 or 1/3 slot of the whole frame to create proficient picture with an artistic look. It will not only make you appear slimmer and stylish but transform the photo exceptionally. Always prefer to add some extra interests and attractive elements inside the frame. Background of blue sky, crowded concert, flowing water, sandy beaches or urban life are some of best ideas to tote up in the image.

Style a pose

Before going to take a row of your own pictures, try some poses in front of mirror just like models to explore your best gestures. It will help you to know about the appearance of your body language, furthermore it boosts your self-confidence to show enhanced and graceful side of your personality. To get your photo to canvas prints follow your heart to strike some fascinating poses and obtain remarkable results. Make your own signature style rather than following renowned celebrities and models.

Avoid direct exposure

Never take self-picture from right in front of your nose; it will make you look like dead. Some better ways to apply are considering various angles to make a shot. Take the camera high above your head and gaze upside to make a signifying click. Alternatively, tilt your head a little sideways to give an expressive gesture. Another fancy style to make your photo is to avoid focusing your face in the picture, showing you like a stature of flamboyance.



Obsequious lights

Lights and shades are one of most crucial arguments of photography. However, you are practicing to take personal pictures, but you should keep an eye upon these matters to shoot your personal marvelously. Make use of natural sunlight with few precautions like, direct exposure to sun in the middle of day rather take your photos in morning freshness or in the golden glow of sunset that is perfect to hide your imperfections.

Tips and tricks

  • Avail yourself with timer click method rather than arm length method to ease you in addition to add some distance with the lens.
  • Make use of mirrors to spice up your self-images that facilitates you with converting angles and reflecting lights.
  • Use photo-editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Instagram app and other applications to fill special effects, convert colors to sepia and black & white to give an entirely different perspective to the image.
  • Takes lots and lots of pictures all with varying angles and utilizing different shades around the room to explore the best of them.
  • Try to take narrative images that tell a whole story or build a theme within single photo.


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