Why You Shouldn’t Do Roof Repairs Yourself

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Maintaining a roof is important if you want to prevent it from leaking and having serious problems. Repairing a roof is not a job that someone should do alone. This is due to the number of safety risks involved with roof repairs. While repairing a shingle is easy, climbing onto the roof with all of your tools can be dangerous. Falling off a roof is easy to do; approximately 1800 people fall from a roof each year, usually because they have failed to properly secure themselves. Falling off a ladder is easy to do because your feet or hands can easily slip, sending you tumbling to the ground.


Always have a friend help you with any roofing repairs. It is easy to get tired when working on a roof, and being tired can impair your judgment, potentially leading to a fall. Always use a safety harness when working on the roof. A harness will prevent you from falling off the roof completely. Secure the harness to the chimney or another secured part of the home. Having a partner help you with the repairs is important when you are climbing the roof. Have your friend be the spotter to hold the ladder in place and to be there in case of an accident. If you work on a roof alone and are injured, you may not have a way to contact anyone to let them know you need medical attention.


Do you have all the necessary tools to make repairs to your roof? A roofing repair job might seem simple, but it can quickly become complicated. It is important to use the correct tools to do the job, or you could make the entire situation worse. You cannot use just any nail to secure the shingles in place, you must use the right roofing nails, which you will then need to properly seal or it will lead to leaks in the attic. Check your attic to look for any signs of water damage and other problems that will require the attention of a professional roofer.


Hiring a professional roofing company to perform roofing repairs is a smart idea if you do not have a lot of experience with roofing. Most homeowners are capable of basic maintenance work that involves things like cleaning the gutters and securing them to the home. Repairing or replacing shingles on the roof is a little more complicated. Homeowners will need to know exactly how to seal the roofing shingles in place to prevent leaks from occurring. Some homeowners try to make simple repairs to the roof, only to end up with serious side effects. If you nail the roofing nails into the shingles, you must seal them. Failure to seal them will leave the roof vulnerable, and then it will be easy for leaks to occur. This situation can easily make the entire repair process worse, creating a situation where a homeowner needs to do a larger repair job or a complete replacement of the roof. Hiring professionals to start with is a great way to prevent many of the problems that can arise when homeowners attempt to make their own repairs.

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