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In 2005, a merger took place between Freidenrich LLP, Gray Cary Ware and Piper Rudnick, LLP, which resulted in the formation of DLA Piper. By the following year, the firm had over $1.8 billion in revenue, deeming it one of the highest grossing legal firms in the world. It takes determined leadership to successfully achieve an executive position with an organization as noteworthy as the DLA Piper law firm. The firm’s ongoing Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of US Operations is Robert Bratt. Robert (Bob) Bratt possesses close to 35 years managing high-end legal programs in the government and commercial sectors.

Designated top workplace for five years in a row by the Human Rights Campaign, DLA Piper is a major player in the legal industry. It is primarily noted for being the largest multinational law firm in the entire world. Based in the legal firm’s Washington D.C. office, Robert Bratt has demonstrated the innovation and efficiency needed to solve complex issues that involve the development of the US branch of the firm, its budgetary issues, as well as the negotiation of, implementation and delivery of sizeable government programs.

DLA Piper has more than 4,200 attorneys in offices around the globe including the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific. Mr. Bratt’s daily responsibilities include managing and coordinating the operations of 30 of the company’s US offices. This effects overall international business significantly. With a diverse background in business development, operations improvements and increasing profitability for important government programs, Bob Bratt DLA piper, formerly managed a $7 million portfolio of commercial and federal telecommunications projects that he helped double in size and value within 18 months.

Robert Bratt makes certain that operations of the US offices are up to the firm’s high standards for delivery of diverse legal services. Lawyers for DLA Piper are specialists in Real Estate law, Litigation, Corporate, Tax, Human Resources, Commercial Contracts, Finance, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Technology and Media and Intellectual Property.

DLA Piper law Firm

While serving with the United States Department of Justice from 1978 to 2000, Robert Bratt worked on a number of well-known programs involving cabinet agencies, the White House and members of Congress. While with the Department, he managed to streamline two legal divisions to transform them into highly efficient and effective operations. While serving as Executive Officer of the Department’s Criminal Division, Bratt was manager of all administrative functions. During his tenure, he improved the division’s efficiency, eliminated a serious structural budget deficit, negotiated for increased funding to support over 800 attorneys that worked for the division and managed an array of complex programs such as the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program and the Wireless management Office. He also managed the Office of Naturalization Operations.

Robert Bratt has worked with many distinguished politicians at DLA Piper, including US Senator George Mitchell, who served as DLA Piper’s Chairman for 6 years. Mr. Bratt also worked with Tom Daschle, US Senate Majority Leader and US Senator. Throughout his honorable career, Robert Bratt has received much recognition for his various accomplishments. For instance, Unisys named his practice the Practice of the Year in 2007, and named Barr himself Partner of the Year. He has received two Presidential Rank Awards for his outstanding public services, and also received the Deputy Attorney General Just Works Award, the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award and the ABA Award of Excellence.

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