Replace your salary by investing right using this SIP calculator

Mutual Funds are one of the most profitable means to invest your money to get a safe return. Investments in these funds can be made either through Lump Sum one time investment or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) on either daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Systematic Investment Plan is increasingly becoming the most favored type of investments which helps both small and high-income individuals to invest their hard earned money in an equity mutual fund protecting them from the volatility of the market levels. Investing through SIP provides the investors with returns calculated through rupee cost averaging and hence immunizes them from the rising and falling market trends throughout their pre-determined SIP tenure.

SIPs are estimated to receive a certain amount of returns to meet various financial goals. But calculating the sum of money to invest and the intervals at which it should be done can be a tricky task, and that’s why many of the investors choose to skip this step. As a result, at the end of their SIP tenure, they might not receive the returns that they have been envisioning. However, calculating SIPs is not rocket science and has been made easier for interested investors by online SIP calculation tool provided by many mutual fund aggregators.

SIP calculator is an easy tool for you to calculate the SIP investment amount required to obtain the expected mutual fund return. The online calculator helps you get information for various mutual funds provided by almost all the organizations in India. HDFC, DSP Blackrock, ICICI Prudential, SBI, Motilal Oswal, Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, Mirae, Birla Sunlife, Reliance, Axis, Kotak, you name it, and this tool provides solutions for all of them.

The calculator provides straightforward and efficient calculation solutions. The investors can select from the various mutual fund options supported by the tool. She/he can decide how much amount they need to invest monthly, the duration regarding years and can conveniently observe how much return that particular mutual fund will give them in the specified time span calculated in years. The labor-saving tool helps you to see the percentage of the yearly return that the particular mutual fund offers, a systematic graph of the total investments made by you and also the maturity amount that you will get at the end of SIP tenure. The tool displays the total investments that you’ve done, the wealth you will gain under that type of mutual fund, in that time duration and on the invested amount.  It also displays the amount you will receive on the maturity of your chosen mutual fund.

The tool provides you with inclusive tables exhibiting the SIPs for different time durations and also the returns of top-performing mutual funds for 2017. Even though SIPs are becoming one of the most sought out tools for aiding in investments, finding out the rates of return and maturity amount offered by different organizations through SIPs can be very troublesome. This website not only helps you to calculate the amount but also helps you buy, all at one place.

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