The Reasons Why Timber Flooring Is A Must For Enhancing The Looks Of Any Home

Timber flooring itself must be one of the very first types of flooring which humans ever put to use inside of a building in the past. And let’s be honest here, there’s not much else which makes a floor really stand out than some great timber flooring.

And, although timber flooring is a wood flooring, it does differ from other kinds of wood flooring in one important factor:

  • Timber floors are made from recycled or recovered wood boards.
  • In most cases, this recovered wood was primarily cut and milled to side other types of buildings.

So, what are the reasons why timber flooring is seen by many people out there as the best and why more and more people are visiting top quality timber flooring stores, these days.

It’s Easy to Clean

All that is required is a humble mop and occasionally some liquid cleaner, and you can clean timber flooring in less time than it takes to vacuum, scrub or shampoo other types of flooring.

  • And due to timber not being a dust trap, there is never a problem with mould.

 Eco-friendly, Thy Name is Timber flooring!

  • It gives off a lot less solid waste to landfills than other flooring materials.
  • It is amazingly energy efficient.
  • Its cellular structure traps air, providing it with increased insulating properties.
  • Timber flooring can be renovated by way of stains, faux finishes and inlays.
  • It’s simple and cheap to alter the whole look of the timber flooring by using stains, paints and inlays.

Timber is Simply a Wise Investment

  • Timber flooring never loses its value
  • It actually increases the resale power of any building
  • Timber floors can provide great looks for a lifetime and longer!
  • There are still now around Australia, people who are still walking over wooden floors which are as old as the nation itself!

Simple Renovation

  • If you apply the proper maintenance to your timber floors, they can be refinished rather than disposed of (Like other kinds of flooring).
  • And because it’s so easy to preserve what you already have, it is a terrific method of recycling.

And Unbelievably, It’s Actually a Healthy Flooring Material!

  • Do some online research and you may just be surprised to discover that timber floors are healthier for spines and joints.
  • The flooring gives a little and is much easier on our legs and feet than most other floorings.
  • Try noticing how your feet tire a lot faster when you stand on stone or tile than when standing on timber.


  • Many folk get to spend up to 90 percent of their time inside a building, so great flooring is of importance.
  • Timber flooring has already proven itself to be the best choice for people who suffer from allergies, because it doesn’t harbour any dust mites or mould.

Elegant looking timber wood flooring has been put to use as the ideal flooring for many centuries and will definitely be used for many more!

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