Reasons to Use Checks Over Debit Cards

Debit cards have made paying for certain goods and services much easier. However, there are still a number of reasons that people still need to use checks. While the total value of checks has decreased over the years, the Federal Reserve has found that about $20 billion in checks are still written each year. Make sure that you have plenty of checks on hand for these types of purchases.

Reasons to Use Checks Over Debit Cards

Why Do You Still Need Checks?

Old-fashioned forms of payment are sometimes the best. Here are some reasons that consumers still need checks.

Write to Anyone

The Federal Reserve study clearly shows that fewer people are using checks as a means of payment to commercial suppliers. However, they are still a common form of payment. You can write a check to anyone that has a bank account, which is generally preferable to paying with cash.

They are especially common for paying private debts. There are also still some businesses that don’t accept bank cards. This is particularly common with professional service providers such as lawyers, accountants and most mental health providers.


You may be in a vulnerable position where someone requires a payment right away. However, you may not be able to determine that the quality of the work met the standards that you agreed to. One option is to write a postdated check and cancel it if it didn’t meet your standards. You would need to write another check after the work was completed properly.

Postdating checks isn’t generally a great idea, but there are some instances where it is the ideal solution. Make sure that you read Article 3, Section 113 of the Uniform Commercial Code for more insights.

Brighten the Recipients Day

You can purchase personalized checks to make your payments stand out. You can also write a personalized thank you note in the memo field to express your gratitude for the services that they rendered.

Most people will appreciate a personal touch. Checks allow you to provide this in ways that banks do not.

Do Not Overlook Traditional Checks

Bank cards certainly have their place, but they have not rendered traditional checks obsolete. You will need to make sure that you have a sufficient supply on checks on hand for certain payments, especially if you make a number of payments to friends and family.

You can still receive checks from your bank. However, many people are purchasing checks from third parties instead, because they give more options for personalization.

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