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Few things in life are more cool, or more fun, than a Razor Scooter. Razor Scooters are as fun to ride as they are stylish, but they can be upgraded for even more excitement. Why settle for a scooter like everyone else’s when you can customize yours? With Razor Scooter accessories, you can make your Scooter a reflection of who you are: it can represent your style, age, and attitude. Here are some of the best Razor Scooter accessories to personalize your ride.

Wheels and Bearings

Upgrading your wheels and bearings serves a dual purpose: first off, it’s remarkably stylish. You can find a color that matches your personal style and sets your scooter apart. Equally important, however, is the fact that new wheels and bearings can greatly increase the performance of your Razor Scooter. Good wheels make it easier to navigate bumps in the terrain, while bearings are the things that control how fast your wheels can spin. Upgrade your wheels and bearings, and your Razor Scooter will ride faster and smoother than ever before, and look awesome in the process.

Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips are another fun way to accessorize your Razor Scooter, because they are so visible. The first thing people will notice about your Razor Scooter is the handlebars, so why have yours look like everyone else’s? With a wide range of color choices to choose from, handlebar grips are the most important accessory if you’re worried about looks. Nothing makes your Razor Scooter look more distinctly you than a completely unique set of handlebar grips.


Some of you may love doing tricks on your Razor Scooter–and for good reason! If that’s the case, you need to accessorize your ride to be trick friendly. Pegs are an uncommon and unique accessory that allows you to grind on rails and pipes like a skateboarder or a BMX rider. Not only do pegs greatly increase the number of tricks you can do, but they show the world that you do cool stuff on your Razor Scooter. When people see pegs on a scooter they know that the rider does a lot more than just ride his or her scooter down the block. Plus, pegs look really cool!

Ramps and Rails

Some must-have accessories for those who enjoy tricks, whether you’re already throwing down spins and jumps, or just getting started, are ramps and rails. Razor makes their own rails and ramps specifically designed for Razor Scooters (most other ramps and rails are designed for skateboards and BMX bikes). With ramps, you can create big jumps for your tricks, while rails allow you to work on your finesse and technical tricks. Ramps and rails offer endless opportunities for you and your Razor Scooter, as there are limitless numbers of tricks to perform and practice on them.

Grip Tape

Just like on a skateboard, you can get new grip tape for your Razor Scooter. This not only looks really cool, but makes it a lot easier to maintain balance while riding. It’s especially good for those who like to do tricks (because it makes it easier to land on your deck), or for those that enjoy riding their Razor Scooter at high speeds (it keeps your feet attached to your ride). It’s also an accessory to purchase even if your scooter already has it, because grip tape wears out with use. Razor Scooters are already pretty unique, but these are some great ways to make yours stand out even more. Whether you’re looking to make yours the coolest looking Razor Scooter around, or the best performing, there are myriad accessories you can get to make your Razor Scooter even greater.


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