Know more about how Pregnancy might affect a mother’s Asthma.

Pregnancy is the time when a mother is the most conscious about her health as well as for her child. And Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that is characterized by increased responsiveness of the tracheobronchial tree to multiple stimuli. Asthma when pregnant is the most common chronic condition in pregnancy which can sometimes lead to some problem and hence you should consult a gyne if you are having problems related to it.
Know more about how Pregnancy might affect a mother’s Asthma?

1. First and foremost you need to know that this disease is episodic, being characterized by acute exacerbations intermingled with symptom-free periods. Most asthma attacks prove to be short-lived, lasting minutes to hours. So and If you are pregnant, you will want to work closely with your doctor and make sure to manage your symptoms. As long as it’s under control, your pregnancy is likely to be just like anyone else’s. but remember that consulting a doctor is very important and also following the instructions are equally important.
2. Secondly you need to understand and accept that a lot of hormone changes happen during pregnancy, and some of them can affect your lungs. So taking medication and following the instructions becomes very important for the mother and the child too.
3. Thirdly, but facts also says that one third of women find that their asthma improves during their pregnancy. And on the other hand one third don’t notice any difference, and the final third of women feel that their asthma symptoms become harder to control. This is more likely to happen if your asthma is severe.
4. So the question Can Asthma Affect My Baby during Pregnancy? So the answer is that severe asthma or symptoms that are not well controlled can cause a number of problems like mostly severe morning sickness and also Vaginal bleeding which must be cured soon.
• Also in an asthma pregnant lady there are also various Problems with your placenta and also High blood pressure which are something that needs to be cured too and a gyne must be your favourite person. Also a Premature delivery Problems during labor is also another problem that can arise probably while a mother have asthma during pregnancy.
So basically, Doctors often don’t prescribe asthma pills and liquids taken by mouth for pregnant women unless nothing else works. If this is the case, your doctor should prescribe an older drug that’s been well studied and shown to cause little risk to your baby. And you will want to avoid taking any new medicines whose long term effects are not known yet. You should feel free to ask your doctor any questions, just as you would for any other concerns you have. Keep in mind that letting your asthma symptoms go untreated poses a greater risk to your baby than any treatment your doctor may prescribe. During this stage for the mother and also for the family a doctor should be their best friend.

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