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Numerous tools are available in the market which are designed over a period as per the requirement of the users. The hammer is one amid the oldest tools that have evolved for long to play a broad array of roles more than simply in construction work.  Several kinds of hammers tend to be much specialised and can carry out jobs conventionally completed by axes. Other kinds of hammers are inclined to be versatile and may be found in any workshop.

The hammers consist of parts that may be classified into three major components. The head forms the portion with which you strike objects, but it as well takes in a part with which handle is fixed.  The handle has got the minimum designs and works as a fulcrum plus you may hold it to offer extra accuracy or extra swing. In the end, the back portion will comprise a claw, peen or hook, or club etc. To save money and time plus get quality product buy hammer online for your home or workshop.

Common Hammers

Maybe you are familiar with these types of hammers and may have at least one. They are inclined to be an outstanding addition to your toolbox and possessing a complete set of the hammers shall put you in a position to perform nearly any job. Hence you are suggested to buy best quality hammer in India online for your convenience. Below are enumerated a few types of the hammers:

Ball Peen Hammer

Utilised mostly by engineers, this hammer has got rounded peen. It is usually utilised to round the edges relating to fasteners and edges of pins made of metal, shaping metals, and closing rivets. In the days gone by, this type of hammer formed a prime tool utilised for the purpose of a fabrication process called peening. Consequently, it is very widely known as the hammer of a machinist.

Claw Hammer

Perchance, the largely familiar of all hammers, the claw hammer at its back features a curve, provided with a forked claw that is used to clasp the heads of the nails, permitting the user to take out nails. This type of hammer is very versatile and is almost present in every workshop and home.

Club Hammer

Very often known as the lump hammer, it is provided with a short head that has got two faces resembling the sledgehammer. Since it is not the best fit for commercial work, this club hammer can be helpful for pounding steel chisels, masonry heads, and can be utilised in light demolition work.   

Dead Blow Hammer

This hammer bears the head that is specially intended for the soft blows and the smallest recoil. It normally possesses either a plastic head or solid rubber, or half-hollow head stuffed with lead shot or sand. They are capable of being utilised in every work right from automotive to woodworking purposes wherein they assist hammer wood together or separate without damaging its surface, and repairing small dents, and dislodging parts in the vehicles.

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