Personalised Advent Calendars and the Business Christmas Countdown

The countdown to Christmas is a boon for all kinds of businesses. Retailers, both online and offline, and manufacturers benefit from the rush to buy presents. B2B service providers often also benefit from the fact their clients’ businesses are booming and their promotional efforts in top gear.

Christmas is certainly a time to celebrate in the business world, but this fact has some dimensions which may seem surprising. For example, there are several ways in which businesses might benefit from the use of personalised advent calendars. There are several ways in which chocolate advent calendars personalised with your business’ brand can benefit your operations in the run-up to the busy Christmas trading period.

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Promotional Tools

This will perhaps be the first use of personalised advent calendars to spring into most people’s minds. They are a great way to spread awareness of your brand and your business at Christmas, and will make a highly effective impression on the receivers. Everybody likes to receive free things, especially when those things are delicious and sweet, and advent calendars are both more desirable and more unique than the average promotional giveaway. They also tap perfectly into the spirit of the season, especially memories of magical childhood Christmases. The result will be a lasting good impression that will also make your business memorable.

Gifts for your Employees

Employees like to feel that they are appreciated as more than just a cog in the machine, and Christmas with its gift-giving tradition is the perfect time to show them that they are important to the business. Christmas presents given by the company out of goodwill will help to build a personal relationship between employer and employee. This, in turn, will increase staff satisfaction in a way that will also benefit the business through boosted productivity and loyalty. In the same way as when they are used as a promotional tool, personalised advent calendars are unique and sure to be appreciated, while also tapping into the spirit of the season.

Executive Gifts

With businesses of almost every kind thriving and surging forward to make the most of the festive rush, Christmas is a good time to solidify business relationships such as those you have with clients. Personalised advent calendars, particularly those with premium chocolate inside such as Lindt advent calendars, can be a great way to do this. Although they fall into a more modest price bracket than the average executive gift, they are unique, festive and delicious enough to solidify business relationships in exactly the same way as employee or customer relationships. This can help bolster the partnership with other businesses and ensure that both companies proceed together in making the most of the Christmas trading period.

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