What You Need to Know to Assist You with Your Personal Injury Case

personal injury

If you were recently involved in a personal injury dispute, getting representation promptly will be necessary if you plan to pursue a case against a person or company. Often times, people allow the statute of limitations run out on personal injury cases, being unaware that there is even one available.

personal injury

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Cases?

In general, many personal injury cases are allowed to be pursued up to two-years after the incident, including property liability and premises liability. This only includes the act of filing a case – as the length of the case can be undetermined and can, sometimes, last longer than the statute of limitations.

However the statute of limitations has been extended in the case of car accidents. If you or your property was damaged in lieu of a car accident, you have up to three years to file a claim against another party. Car accidents are a bit more daunting than most personal injury cases and, often, are the most common so states like Georgia look upon it as a case that needs more time before filing.

Hiring an Attorney to File Your Case

Filing a lawsuit against another person or party will be difficult; therefore, having someone who understands the legal system will greatly assist your efforts in winning the case or receiving a settlement offer.

You want an attorney that is skilled and thorough with their research, ensuring that all of their clients receive efficient and supportive results to their claims.

Specific Compensations You Might Be Entitled To

Upon having your case heard and agreed upon, your attorney should fight endlessly to get your case settled. Upon winning, you might be entitled to the following monetary compensation:

–          Covered wages from being out of work

–          Medical expenses incurred from the incident and thereafter

–          Property damage incurred from the incident

Getting a Law Firm That Cares

Personal injury lawyers are considerate and sympathetic to your needs. They strive to win your case – and do research to find ones with a high success rate.  You may be promised a settlement, but without the right lawyer, you will be stuck in a difficult situation.  Each case has its own unique circumstances so you will want find an attorney that has experience and knows what pitfalls may lay ahead.  Of course you want to do your research, but the quicker the better, before evidence and witnesses become harder to find.

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