The Newbie’s Guide to Hot Air Balloon Festivals: What To Expect and Things To Do

Before, balloon festivals are all about watching hot air balloons floating in the sky. Gone were the days when balloon festivals are about aching necks due to staring in the sky for long hours. It is true that festivals allow people to see the parade of hot air balloons up in the air. However, there is more to festivals than just that. Today, the organizers of these festivals are determined to give your more than just a sky show– they are working hard to give you the experience of a lifetime.

The Various Activities in Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Want to know what you would see and experience in a festival? Here are some hints:

 Dawn Patrol

If you are a morning person, this activity is recommended for you. For those who are not a morning person, this activity is worth getting up early for! In this activity, ballon sets set off while it is still pitch black with the purpose of determining the air density and the prevailing winds for the group who will be lifting off during sunrise. You can certainly marvel at the amazing sight of a group of balloons sailing on the dark sky with their lights on.

 Balloon Glow

This is an activity commonly held during evening time. If you wish to see hot air balloons up close, this is an activity you should not miss! In this event, the balloon are inflated and tethered to the ground. The event will show balloon in various colors swaying with the wind. The best thing about this event is that you can get to discover lots of information about the different types of balloons.

 Key Grab

If you love competitions, this is one great event to watch! In this event, an envelope containing money or a key to a car is placed on top of a pole located in the middle of the big field. Participants will leave the festival with their hot air balloon on the back of a truck. They will then launch the balloon from another location. It is their responsibility to assess the wind direction and speed and find a way to grab the prize in the pole.

 Mass Ascension

All participating balloon riders will inflate their balloons and will take off within a few minutes after the other. This is usually held during sunrise so you must set your alarm clock for this! This is also the part where you will experience neck aches from looking too long at the balloons!

 The Hot Air Balloon Festival To Attend!

One of the best hot air balloon festivals to attend is the one held near Napa Valley in California. Aside from being amazed at the balloons, you can also have a lot of fun visiting vineyards and enjoying the cool breeze in the air. If you have time, you can also enjoy Napa Valley Balloon Rides. For sure, you will have the time of your life!

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