The Natural Investment for a Beautiful Representation

A good skin is like a weapon that helps to express a person from the inside and it shines and is unique. Hence, it is important to know what will make it look good and radiant. Taking nutritious food and using natural products for skincare is the secrets of good looking skin and it is necessary to learn more about the skin type to keep it healthy. Skincare products are either natural or the ones which contain chemicals and preservatives. While talking about natural skin care products, there are two types

  • Natural remedies and DIY (Do It Yourself) solution that are made at home from natural products and do not contain any preservatives or additives. They have a very low shelf life and have to be used immediately after making it.
  • Skin care products that use 100% natural ingredients, but putting natural products is not viable commercially because by the time it reaches the customer, it may have expired. Therefore, it is a waste of time for companies and loss of money for customers.

Beauty with Simplicity

Natural remedies are the best option while looking for natural skin care products as they are very safe to use and do not cause any side effects. All the basic products of skin care routine are available naturally and contains no preservatives. Some of the examples are

  • Moisturizer

Olive oil is an effective moisturizer with high levels of anti-oxidants and can help the user to achieve a beautiful skin. Shea butter is another natural moisturizer which is produced from the nuts inside of the shea tree and it gives a radiant skin.

  • Cleanser

Apple cider vinegar helps restore skin’s pH levels and effectively clears clogged pores and coconut oil helps to remove all dirt from the face.

  • Sunscreen

Vitamin E oil and Sunflower oil are naturally occurring sunscreen oil, which can protect the skin from harmful rays.

The Natural Setback

Though natural products are good for skin care, there are certain disadvantage that makes it difficult for people to use it like a commercial product and they are

  • It takes time to make the DIY products as opposed to store bought items and hence is time consuming, which is a problem in a busy schedule
  • Skin is a sensitive organ and some of the natural products may cause allergic reaction or may not suit the skin. Hence, it is trial and error process to check what works and what not.
  • While using 100% natural products it is difficult to store it for a long period of time and is made only in small quantities.

If best focus is given on skincare, then there is no need of excessive make-up and a good skincare routine is life’s great successes. The nature gives everyone a face and it depends on the person to maintain it or spoil it. Therefore, good skin care regime is like an investment which goes a long way and if a person focuses on it more, then there is no need to spend more on make-up items.

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