Motorcycle Import – What To Consider While Choosing The Shipping Option

While importing a motorcycle, it depends a lot on the shipping method how smooth the process will be. There are three types of shipping methods and they range from cheapest and least convenient to costliest and most convenient.

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The old saying “You get what you pay for” applies to everything and it applies to motorcycle shipping too. What can you expect when you plan to import a motorcycle? Here are the types of shipping so that you can know about the process and take the best decision.

Dock to Dock

Most shipping companies and Australian motorcycle importers like Dazmac Logistics provide dock to dock shipping. This type of shipping is also known as business to business shipping. This refers to a box truck with no hydraulic lift gate will hold up to a dock and the motorbike will be put in and out of the truck throughout the dock.

Dock to dock shipping is typically cheaper than door to door shipping and is chosen by dealers who want to transfer motorbikes between their shops.

Door to Door

Door to door shipping is actually from your driveway to delivery driveway. The motorbike will be loaded up and down to/from the truck on hydraulic lift gate.

This is an extremely convenient option because you don’t have to actually involve in the shipping process anywhere except scheduling and waiting. Clearly this is premium shipping and will be the priciest option though also definitely the most convenient.

Terminal to Terminal

Terminal to terminal is often the cheapest option. You have to take your motorbike to the shipper’s yard and they will take it to their yard in the city of delivery. Once the motorbike arrives at the shipper’s yard in the city of delivery, you will be informed to pick up the motorbike from their yard.

This alternative has its own benefits. It is cheaper than door to door shipping and more convenient than dock to dock in that you don’t need to provide it to the dock for pickup and delivery. However, it may not be very convenient in winter months when riding your bike towards the shipper’s dock will be tough.

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Which Shipping Option Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing one of these shipping options, you should consider the following points.

Availability and Distance to a Nearest Dock

While choosing between the shipping options, you should consider if you have any dock available nearby so that if you choose dock to dock option, you can conveniently take your bike towards it. Here distance of the dock from your place should also be considered. If the nearest dock to you is in another city, choosing dock to dock option is not feasible and door to door option is more convenient to you.

While taking your motorbike to the nearest dock, not only convenience but also cost of fuel etc. should be considered.  So, if you are trying to save by choosing the cheapest option, the saving may be counterbalanced by this cost.

Whether there is a Terminal of Your Chosen Shipping Company in Your City or State

If the shipping company you have chosen, that does motorcycle, boat and American and Japanese car imports Australia from Dazmac Logistics has a terminal in your city, you can choose terminal to terminal option which is cheaper than door to door shipping and more convenient than dock to dock option.

Position of Your House

You should consider the position of your house, i.e. whether it can be accessed by a truck. If the streets near your house are very narrow, a truck cannot access your house. Also your house should be easily navigable.

It should also be checked whether there are weight limits for trucks in your neighbourhood.

Also it should be checked whether there are low hanging telephone cables or tree branches in the streets near your house.

Choose between these three methods of shipping to receive your precious possession in a safe and sound state.


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