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Clinical Jobs

Medical science is very old to the time of early civilization and has undergone. A physician acts to cure the disease by medication and medicinal science comes handy to prescribe drugs or procedures according to the diagnosis and conclusion made. To come to that stage the Doctor needs documentary, scientific proof of the factors inside the human body that has caused illness. Laboratory findings do the needful.  The tools of laboratory have done the investigation and they produce the images The images are the guiding factors for the physician for the choice of drug and medical or clinical procedures  The branch of medical science which serves the purpose of investigation is known as radiology and it has got under its own a number of sub branches. This is based on the scientific formulation of radio activeness, radiation reflection and similar activity which is tapped through images. The radiology science encompasses the following too and the Hospital or the Physician decides one or many among them according to the given situation. Radiography, Sonography, CT scan, MRI Scan, Fluoroscopy, Radiotherapy, and Mammography are the other technological appliances before the physician as choices.  Radiological science has undergone changes due to the technical advancement in the science of Information and Technology.  It has reached a peak stage in accuracy and authentic and equipments are said to be costlier due to the precision made on them.

Clinical Jobs

Radiologists and the diagnosis mechanism

As known and said, an authentic diagnosis and anatomy become the scientific basis for further medical and clinical procedures.  For applying the correct radiological procedure, the rad tech person must have learnt at least the rudiments of human anatomy, physiology, general physics at least pertaining to radiation, nursing, human psychology, pathology procedures.  For their own perfect accomplishment of the duty, minimum computer environment for the tests and reporting, imaging science, handling of radiation tech tools, basics of medicine science and patient care are essential.  The successful radiological technicians do possess these in different proportion.  At situations like to undertake the tests on serious or critical orthopedic patients and with urological problems, and for those patients movement should be nil, the radiology technician forms part of the intensive care or surgical team. The technology is handled in a mobile environment in such cases.

The role of radiologists in the field


 The way the radiology technician commences the duty has some important steps not even any one of them can be missed which are having a telling effect on the result. The technician studies the type of investigation to be done and the tool to be kept ready in all factors. The patient may be mentally and physically prepared to sit for the test comfortably to the possible extent to bring the real condition in the imaging. Any medicine to be applied may be thought and done. Precautionary methods against ill effects of radiation may be checked.  With the proper computer application the imaging may be done accurately to the desk of the physician. The technician may keep the history of the patient too.

Since physiology, medicine and surgical science have to co exist with the investigation part and have to be dependent on the radiology technology, the updating of this branch of technology has been emphasized by the medical world now and then.  Special institutes have come up for advanced training in this branch of technology to run parallel support to physicians’ world.  Nuclear medicine, Teleradiology, advancement in MRI equipments and C T scan equipments are currently used more often and the technologists are updating themselves on these to be successful in their career.

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