Get Your MBA Degree at Ohio University

Ohio University’s online MBA degree gives you the option of concentrating in Finance, Executive Management or Healthcare. The degree program is 35 credits and takes six semesters to complete the studies. This means you could have your master’s degree in as little as two years.


The degree programs focus on professional development and strategic leadership. This means you’ll get the tools you need to manage a team as well as the necessary knowledge to truly make a difference in your field.

The university also offers the hybrid professional MBA program, which is a part-time option for those with particularly hectic schedules. You’ll be a part of virtual classrooms. Online learning modules are available for you to learn and review certain academic principles. You’ll also be required to complete a residency one Saturday a month.

The MBA program provides an ideal learning environment for business professionals. The program highlights the social, political and economic factors that have an impact on today’s businesses.

If you’re a focused and ambitious business leader or want to start your own company, the MBA program is for you. You’ll engage in a number of activities that will allow you to assess your skills and abilities, while acknowledging and improving your strengths. These exercises allow you to better yourself while learning how to bring out the best in others in a professional environment.

An MBA is certainly valuable when you’re navigating through the business world. Obtaining the degree is one indicator that you both want to excel in your current position and want to pursue more lucrative business opportunities. Getting an MBA can qualify you for positions that were previously unattainable and can help prepare you for leadership in your field.

The educational value of getting an MBA is important as well. The journey toward a degree should be an engaging and intellectually stimulating one. The program should also be comprehensive and tailored to fit your schedule and lifestyle. When you pursue an MBA that is tailored to your professional needs, you can see how the degree is worth it in your everyday work life and in the large accomplishments you achieve in the workplace.

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