Major Tech Companies Claim Free Trade Will Make Cloud More Scalable

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Cloud computing has changed the business world in many ways. People can use cloud technology to communicate with friends, family, customers, suppliers and colleagues all over the world. Unfortunately, many countries have passed laws that restrict free trade, which have limited the benefits of cloud computing. Some of the largest technology companies in the world are urging countries to change their laws to promote free trade and allow cloud computing companies to thrive.

Corporations Claim Government Policies Hold Back Cloud Computing

Governments of most first world countries feel that cloud computing is an essential technology. They state that expanding it should be one of their priorities. However, Microsoft, Google, IBM and other international tech companies feel that their policies are actually holding the industry back.

One of the biggest concerns that they have raised is the implementation of data sovereignty laws. The Australian government currently has policies that require any company wishing to host data on an overseas server to get permission first. Microsoft said that this policy isn’t consistent with the government’s claim that it wants to liberalize the regulations that inhibit growth in the industry.

Many other countries have even stricter laws that are holding the industry back. Technology giants all over the world are asking them to change their policies to promote free trade.

cloud computing

Companies Asking the U.S. Government to Take Charge

Three years ago, many technology giants began asking the United States government to take the lead in changing cloud computing laws. They believe that other countries would follow the United States and start adapting their own free trade laws. However, lawmakers across the world have been reluctant to change these laws.

Promoting many free trade laws may be impossible. Many industries are highly regulated and few governments would be open to allowing them to store all of their data overseas. Data sovereignty laws would need to remain in place to comply with healthcare policies such as HIPAA and most financial regulations.

Need for Close Relationships to Ensure Stability of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology isn’t limited by geography. People across the world would be able to communicate with each much more easily if their governments would be more lax about it.

Some governments are starting to recognize the need for more liberal cloud computing laws. However, their initiatives won’t mean much if other countries don’t stand behind them. Google, Microsoft and other leading technology firms feel that governments across the world will need to work closely with each other. They are calling for them to establish uniform cloud computing standards for companies all over the world.

Cloud computing is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st Century.  However, governments have only recently started to pay attention to it. It often takes the government years to catch up with technology. However, they may start liberalizing their cloud computing laws as they realize the industry’s potential.

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