Maintenance Tips Every BMW Owner Should Follow

car care tips

BMWs are some of the best vehicles in the world. However, they still need regular maintenance to continue running smoothly.

Taking Care of Your BMW

There are a number of things that BMW owners should do to take care of their vehicles. Here are some problems that you should be aware of.

Engine Issues

Owners of older BMWs are more likely to encounter engine problems. If your BMW was made in the 1980s, then you should have the valve and timing belt inspected regularly. Timing belts in BMWs made in the late 80s only last two thirds as long as most vehicles. Your entire engine can fail if the timing belt goes out, so make sure it is replaced at the first sign of trouble.

car care tips

BMWs have aluminum heads, which means they conduct heat much more quickly than other vehicles. Unfortunately, this means that the engines are much more likely to overheat.

You will need to pay careful attention to the temperature gauge. If it goes over the midline, then you will need to pull over and have the vehicle repaired right away. You need to be especially careful if you are driving a 2002 BMW 325xi or a similar model, because they are more likely to face problems.

Fuel Pump Issues

Fuel problems are also common with BMWs. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to catch if you aren’t paying close attention, so make sure you monitor your fuel levels often.

You will want to monitor your gas levels carefully. Your fuel pump can fail if you let fuel run too low and you will be stuck paying several hundred dollars to replace it.

Cooling System Problems

BMW cooling systems also tend to run into issues. The problem is that they are made of plastic, which tends to become brittle after being exposed to refrigerant and cold air.

You will need to replace plastic if it seems like it is starting to lose its elasticity. You should pay particularly close attention to the components on the coolant tank and radiator hood, because they are most likely to face problems.

Making Repairs on Your Own

You can save a lot of money by making repairs on your own rather than taking it to the shop. The biggest issue many people face is finding the right parts. You will want to consider buying a salvaged BMW for parts to have on hand.

You should also take repair classes from somebody that has worked on BMWs. The cars are a little different to work on, so you need to understand the intricacies of them before starting.

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