How long are the steroid cycle and its possibilities

Steroid cycle refers to the time that you are taking the steroids. Generally steroid cycles differ for the beginners and the advancers. Some steroid cycle lasts for six weeks and some more than twelve weeks. However beginners need to follow certain limitations before getting steroids. Some uses the steroids without understanding what they are for and what chemical compounds they contain. This may lead to adverse effects. One should always use the steroids which has short life and lesser active. Adding on, without basic knowledge of steroid cycle one can cause a serious damage to their reproductive system. However the steroids now available in the market are legal and regulated by the law. Beginner’s steroid cycle may last 3 months which is maximum and in other cases it may last for about six weeks. There are even natural alternatives to steroids which can be even highly effective.

Steroid cycles for beginners: Which are the best steroids for beginners?

Not all steroids are good for beginners. There are handful of steroids which beginners can take limiting to time. The best steroid for beginner is Testosterone which helps in bulking referring to increase in mass and size of men. It is anabolic and popular among the male bodybuilders. It is best to take testosterone with combining ester which helps in slow release into the body. Some best esters used with testosterone are: Enanthate, Cypionate and Propionate. However Enanthate and Cypionate help in slow release of testosterone and will be active for two to three weeks in the body. Propionate when taken as injection helps in acting faster within two to three days. But it may not be good for beginners to inject at the start of cycle. Only 500mg should be taken orally for ten weeks. Testosterone may cause damage to the male sex hormones if taken more. However steroid cycles may last 3 months to give the best results. The other steroids which are popular among beginners are:

  • Dianabol: Dianabol gives a faster growth of mass size and beginners use it quite often. It should be limited to three to four weeks. Consuming 30 mg daily for five weeks give completes the cycle.
  • Winstrol: Helps in gaining muscle size more than Dianabol. It even has fewer side effects.

Injectable steroids are like oils that are injected to the muscles and they act directly on the muscles by repairing the ripped muscles and enhance the growth of the lean muscles. People have to be careful before while using injectable steroids as that can have adverse effects. One has to follow all the rules before and after injecting the steroids directly into the muscles.

The advanced steroid cycles may last to twelve to sixteen weeks depending on the steroid. The dosage should be kept limited even if the user is advanced. The advanced users should know how their body reacts to the dosages and what king of exercises to be done when following the steroid cycles.

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