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Often, when we turn on the news or flip open a newspaper, we are disappointed with the actions of politicians, and their broken promises. While it is easy to focus on the negative, there are fortunately many instances in which politicians please their constituents by instigating inspiring acts of kindness and humanity. Below are a few recent examples of politicians stepping up to the plate when they were needed most, or going above and beyond for their communities.

Bat Kid And Gotham City

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been known for years for its work granting wishes to sick children worldwide. The organization really outdid itself in San Francisco when they worked together with Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the police department, the San Francisco Giants, and thousands of volunteers to turn San Francisco into Gotham City for an official mission where leukemia survivor Miles Scott, aka “Bat Kid,” got to work with Batman to save the city from a crime ring. Miles’ family told him they were going to the city to get a new Batman costume—and surprised him with a day he will never forget. Lee declared November 15th “Bat Kid Day” in honor of Miles.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

After tragedy strikes, it can take a city days, weeks, and even years to return to the state it was before, and things were no different after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. The bombings shut the entire city down, but the terror did not simply end there. Boston not only had injured victims and damages to attend to, but the mayor also had to rebuild the residents’ confidence in their safety and security.

Terror events not only leave the victims of the attack fearful, but also instill lasting trepidation into an entire community. To rebuild Boston’s faith in their freedom, and in an effort to keep the city strong, Mayor Thomas Menino created a series of events to honor the victims, celebrate the city, and bring the community together—stronger than ever.

Senators Nationwide

The government shutdown closed historical sites, such as the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. leaving tourists and locals unable to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers. However, on October 1st, a group of Honor Flight veterans continued on with their plan to visit the memorial, with Honor Flight representatives prepared to put up a good argument for letting the aging veterans through. To their surprise and delight, they were greeted by a group of Senators, and the gates were opened to allow them in. While others who had traveled to D.C. to view the memorial during the shutdown were turned away, these Honor Flight members were able to see the memorial.

While it is impossible for all constituents to be pleased with their politician’s every move or decision, these public figures do have the power to inspire and to bring their community together for the greater good. When a busy politician takes the time to participate in something inspirational, it often motivates those around them to do more for their community too. Whether large or small, everyone can make a difference.

Washington DCGuest writer Ryan Wong is a freelance blogger and college student, currently studying political science in Houston, Texas. To get the scoop on the many different kinds of inspiring political speakers, he recently looked at the selection of political speakers from PB Talent.

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