Liquid Fireworks for all types of events

When you hear the term liquid fireworks, you may be unsure as to what this is. However, most people have seen and enjoyed them. Water light shows have become to be known as fireworks in liquid form as they provide beautiful entertainment with water shooting several feet high in the air, similar to fireworks. You can find these light shows in parks, at shopping malls and amusement parks.

If you own a business, this is a great option to add value as well as an interesting feature for customers to enjoy. There are several options when it comes to water light shows that can work well in any environment. The option is low maintenance and can pay for itself quickly as visitors will come from miles around to see an interesting show, especially one with bright colors and music. Below are a few types of water light shows that can be installed for your pleasure or business.

liquid fireworks


The first decision to make when installing a water light show is to determine if you would like the setup to be indoors or outdoors. An indoor setup is usually reserved for venues for entertainment purposes. This could be an amusement park or museum. For an indoor show, you must have adequate space for the water to shoot up several feet in the air as well as have the space for seating or viewing of the water show.

With an outdoor water show, you have more area to work with. An outdoor show can provide you with additional space to have a larger than life water show. With an outdoor show, there is no height requirement so that you can have water jets that spray to 100 feet or more. An outdoor show also provides more space for viewing and makes the area more appealing. The only drawback to an outdoor show is the fact that you may be limited to summer and spring months for showing.

Residential Use

To set your home apart from the rest, a water light show can give you distinction. Within landscaping or architectural differences, this type of installation can give you a feature to enjoy on your own or with family and friends. This type of show will be smaller than most but will still offer the great features such as music and movement. A series of jets can be installed in a fountain or lake area and can then be mechanized to move at different heights to music or without. The water feature can be controlled by the home owner and will take little maintenance to continue operation. You can add colored lights to the installation to give it a little pizzazz and make it stand out. This requires little maintenance as well since lights bulbs need to be replaced on a minimal basis. This type of show works well in a pool or lake area as a water source already exists.

Commercial Use

If you are opening a business and want to have a water show as your main feature, you will find there are many options. The property in which you want to install will be the contributing factor to the success of your business as well as installation. If the feature is to be a main focal point or revenue feature, you will want to go big to bring customers in to your business. Speaking with an installer of water fountain shows will help you to find out what options are open to you and what can benefit your business.

With the many options available, you will find that a water show will be the perfect for your needs and have a long-lasting feature that can be enjoyed for a life-time.

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