Keeping Your Antiques in a Storage Unit


Looking to keep those precious antiques in the confines of a storage unit? Many owners of antique pieces look to store them in a safe and secure place instead of their own home. This is a legitimate position and it’s smarter to place them somewhere secure. With elevated security standards, self-storage units are proving to be an excellent option for antiques. However, keeping antiques in a storage unit comes along with specific requirements in order to maintain their overall quality. Antiques can easily become tarnished or ruined in environments found in storage units. This piece will focus on all the basic requirements needed to store an antique piece inside a storage unit safely.


It is generally smarter to purchase a personal storage unit that can have its climate controlled. Any valuable being placed inside a storage unit should not be exposed to extensive heat during the summer months. This can lead to negative results and the whole point of protecting any antique piece goes by the wayside.  Insurance can go a long way for antique pieces in such cases especially if one is forking over money for climate control. Most facilities will offer insurance in order to protect items that are valuable.

Pack to Perfection

Antiques have to be handled with care and packing them prior to placement is essential. Antiques will often see a lot of wear and tear inside a storage unit facility. In order to eradicate damage, it is important to wrap up the antique piece as compactly as possible.

Even during the transportation of these pieces to the storage unit an unpacked antique piece can become damaged. It is best to wrap up the piece prior to leaving the home in order to ensure its overall safety. The last thing any owner wants to see is their piece fall apart or get nicked during the transportation phase.

Special boxes are designed to hold fragile items such as antique pieces. It is best to go to a supply store for one of these boxes. It is the best way to ensure the piece does not get harmed. These boxes are usually designed for shipping across seas, so they should be able to handle the punches thrown by the climate inside a storage unit.

Separate Pieces

Certain items can be pulled apart as a means to ensure they are wrapped individually. Placement of the pieces is essential during the process. Where the antique piece is placed inside the storage unit is of utmost importance. Don’t place them side by side other items and especially not heavier items. Having an item fall on the antique piece could be devastating and lead to the complete loss of value of the item. It is best to keep it secure in a certain corner of the storage unit away from heavier items that could potentially damage it.

NewspapersStacking items of such value is never a good idea. Similar to the concept of putting it in a corner away from heavier items, stacking can lead to damage. If one tips over, the entire piece will fall apart and break.

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