Innovative shower curtains idea for a smart bathroom decor

There is no theory book for decoration. You may take something as a reference, but it can’t be taken as a formula that can be used every time. One has to be creative on this matter. Similar is the case about bathroom decoration as well. A creative approach could make things look enchanting. Given below are some nice innovative ideas of the shower curtains for a beautiful bathroom décor.

Gate model shower curtains:

Hanging curtains the same traditional way may not be called creative. To integrate a creative appeal into it, you have to try something different. This can be a nice recommendation in this regard. Instead of hanging the curtains from a bar, you may try to have a gate model. It means just have an upper design, of a creative pattern that matches well with your curtain colour combination. This idea can be specifically look good with small bathrooms.

Combining little pendants at the top:

It would be another artistic idea of shower curtains design. There are small pendant designs one can have from the market to be combined with a curtain. To be specific, these pendants look beautiful with single colour curtains. However, the idea would work for both the small and larger bathrooms. If you love something classy regarding room décor, this would be a fantastic recommendation to go by. These pendants can be availed of plastic, as well as of metals.

Some crafty bottom work:

Here is another classic shower curtains design idea you may try. This would add the perfect creative quotient to your bathroom. You may integrate thread patterns, chain hangings, or simply integrate a different cloth design at the bottom. However, make sure the design matches well with the colour combination of the showercurtains well.

One of the prime advantages of this design idea is that here you can expect greater life for your curtain. The bottom designs avoid your curtain meeting the watery floor of the bathroom, and thus prevents from early damage. The best part, you can disintegrate this bottom work anytime as well, if you wish to add something new or if gets old.

A three-dimensional print:

As explained above, creativity has no boundary. Any effect that manages to drive attention can be creative. Same is the case with your shower curtains as well. If you are in hunt of doing something different with your curtain, putting a three dimensional print on it would be a nice recommendation. To make it interesting further, you may try something quirky. You may add a print of something with illusion effect as well.

Shower Curtains with asymmetric bottom:

Having a linear bottom is too conventional as an idea. If you are looking for something different, try an asymmetric pattern. You may go for a zigzag pattern, a teary appearance, or any specific design recommended by your designer. Anyway, make sure the design looks good with the curtain colour combination for the best result.


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