Indonesia – the Cultural Attraction

Tourists cross the globe are gradually coming to Indonesia, to explore its cultural side. It is a known fact that South East Asia has a rich cultural inclination that is predominant in the east and missing in the West. Indonesia has a rich cultural impact along with a contemporary influence. The fact that it is deeply rooted in tradition and also impacted by the culture of its surrounding places makes it an amazing combination for tourists to explore. The main reason for Indonesian Culture to flourish is its trade route. Indonesia was always amongst the top notch spice traders and cloth traders and its constant interaction with rest of South East Asia, Middle East and Far East ensured that regular interaction was maintained constant interaction which led to cultural exchanges that impacted Indonesia in a huge manner. Also, geographically, Indonesia is blessed with a strategic position in sea route. As per the old day route, Indonesia used to fall in the central position making it a stopover destination for trade routes. All these facts together have ensured that Indonesia is influenced by various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam. Though majority of its population are Muslim , you can find traces and influence of other religions here’s a result, Indonesia is blessed with a complex cultural history that is a mixture of all religions that itself is unique in a way. Most travelers are known to come here to soak in the cultural abundance of Indonesia.

Indonesian culture is a result extremely rare and interesting. Many Historians and culture enthusiasts across the globe are known to visit this place to indulge in its cultural abundance. The culture is mostly influenced by Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Javanese amongst all religions. The deep impact on its culture can be experienced in its Balinese dances and ballet performances that are mainly based on Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Also the impact of Buddhism is evident in Borobudur that famous Buddhist structure in Jogjakarta. On the other hand the impact of Islamic culture is evident from the architecture found in abundance in Sumatra. Places like the Aceh region, Minankabau and Pencak Silat are known to have been deeply impacted too that reflects in it sculpture, music and sports.

Cultural Attraction

Having religious influence, does not rule out western influence on the country. Western influence can be witnessed in its modern entertainment, architecture, political system and so on. It is a true mix of both tradition and Western Culture.

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