How To Increase The Value Of Your Home With DIY

Value Of Your Home

Property is an investment; we buy our homes with the intention on making a profit when it comes time to sell which is why Britain is abuzz with DIYers. The property market is fickle so any little thing we can do to increase our homes value is only going to benefit us in the long run but hiring professional teams to rip down walls, add on rooms and make hefty changes is a costly endeavour.

A Small Investment For A Big Payoff

If your home is in need of glaring improvements when it comes time to sell you can find yourself having to dramatically lower your asking price when a slight investment could have fixed the  problem in the space of a couple of weekends. You don’t need to invest thousands in legions of decorators to complete home improvement, if you can pick up a hammer, some nails or a paintbrush you have everything you need to add value to your home all on your own.

Choose Your Projects Wisely

When you’re bitten by the DIY bug the temptation is there to dive in head first with a hammer and see where the dust settles but without proper planning you can find yourself biting off more than you can chew. Before you invest thousands in unessential cosmetic fixes walk through your property with an expert to see if there are areas which need immediate attention. Deteriorating roofs, leaks and outdated electrics are vital to get right and may need a professional hand so prioritise these before you jump into the fun stuff.

A Fresh Lick Of Paint

The simplest solution and the oldest trick in the book! It’s always recommended to paint your rooms when selling as it instantly lifts any room making it feel clean, modern and comfortable. Choose neutral colours that will compliment any style of décor so any viewers will see your home as a blank canvas where they can make their mark. It’s all about stylish simplicity.

Look To The Heart Of The Home

Your kitchen is the most important room in your property to you and to any potential buyer. Kitchens are, after all, the heart of the home, they are the hubs of family life where we eat our meals, spend quality time and, as is increasingly the case in modern life, buckle down to work and homework. As such an important room it is vital to maximise the amount of space.

If your kitchen feels cramped and limited it might be worth investing in a new floor plan. Your kitchen options depend on the amount of space you have to play with:

  • Smaller Spaces – Just because your kitchen lacks square footage doesn’t mean it has to lack space! Many kitchens are filled with superfluous furniture that doesn’t need to be there storing items that can either be thrown away or stored in other areas of the home. Removing cabinets and having a ‘straight run’ kitchen can maximise the space and open up the room by limiting surfaces to one wall, thus opening up the rest of the room.
  • Medium Spaces – If you have more room to play wit you can increase your work surface area to two walls to allow ample preparation room while still creating a spacious kitchen. An ‘L shaped’ kitchen gives you more room to work and leaves half of the room free for a spacious dining area where the whole family can sit together.
  • Large Spaces – With a large kitchen you can maximise the storage and preparation room potential of your space. The challenge of designing a larger kitchen is the opposite of designing a smaller space; you want to create a cosy and warming environment so you need to enhance your space with furniture. Opting for a ‘U shaped’ layout means you utilise 3 walls for cabinets, cooker, oven, appliances and prep room and are able to spread everything out while still having space in the middle for your dining table. Depending on space you can incorporate a kitchen island into your room to really tie everything together.

Value Of Your Home

The basics of building your own kitchen don’t require a professional hand, you can order the materials to your specifications and all you have to do is assemble them. Bring together a handful of your handiest friends and the job should be done in no time.

Improving your environment doesn’t just maximise your profit potential in the long term, it also enhances your love of your property in the short. DIY is a rewarding pass time so when you put down the paintbrush and hammer and survey your work for yourself you might find you’ve caught the DIY bug for good.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of BGO Kitchens, suppliers of premium quality DIY kitchens that offer the perfect enhancement to any home. They are made from the finest materials that are suitable for any sized environment and allow you to build your own stunning new kitchen.

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