The Idaho workers compensation

The workers compensation in Idaho is a compulsory insurance program that is designed in order to compensate the injured workers for the medical care and lost wages. The workers who suffer injuries or suffer from occupational diseases are the ones who are eligible for these benefits. In Idaho it is compulsory for both public and private employers to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees. One can even take help from workers compensation attorneys Idaho in order to get the benefits but if a person is exempted from the Idaho code then that person is not eligible for these benefits.

Exempted workers

The following workers are exempted from the workers compensation Idaho:

  • The household domestic workers.
  • The family members who are living in the employer’s household.
  • Working member of a partnership or corporate officers who own 10 percent of the stock.
  • The employees covered under federal workers compensation laws.
  • The pilots of the dusting planes.
  • The real estate brokers and salespersons that are paid by the commission.
  • The ski patrollers who are volunteers.
  • The people who are officials of the athletic contests in secondary schools.
  • Casual employees; those who work occasionally or at irregular times and which do not work for any type of normal business.
  • A person who works on materials at a location that is snot under the control of the employer.
  • The family member of a sole proprietor who do not live in the proprietor’s household.

The benefits

An Idaho worker can take the help of a worker’s compensation attorneys Idaho to get the following benefits in case they suffer injuries at work and are being denied their rights.

  • Medical treatment –In case you have suffered a job related injury or illness then according to the Idaho law the employer has the right to choose the physician that will treat all the workers. So first it is suggested to ask the employer before getting treated with another medical provider. The workers compensation covers all the necessary medical treatments that are related to work, injury or disease. This includes payments for doctors, x-rays, medications, hospital stays and physical therapy. The compensation will cover all the medical expenses.
  • Temporary total disability- In case you are unable to work for more than five days due to an injury then you are eligible for temporary total disability for all the lost wages while you were not at work and receiving treatment.
  • Temporary partial disability- If you return to work while you are on your way of recovery then your doctor may limit the type of work or the amount of work. If you return then you might be able to get the temporary partial disability benefits from the workers compensation insurer. The weekly amount comes to two thirds of your earnings.

So those who are workers in Idaho should be aware of the workers compensation system and the benefits that they are entitled to.

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