The Hype around Designer Clothes

Designer clothes always have a certain degree of enigma attached to them. Whether it is paying a bomb for a plain white t-shirt or breaking the bank to pay for that super expensive outfit. There is just something special about designer clothes and designer things in general – it is probably to do with how you feel when you strut your stuff in their creations. They probably make you feel a lot more confident and in charge. Some people simply buy designer clothes because they love the way they feel and fit. Others prefer to spend the extra money on designer clothes simply to flaunt and mark their hierarchy in a social scenario. The Indian market too has seen a steady rise in designer outlets and merchandise in recent years. There are a lot more fashion weeks and shows for new and established designers to showcase their talent and stand out. Whether it is designer sarees or designer salwar suits, how do you know if what you are paying is worth it? Read on to know more:

Designer Clothes

  1. When it comes to designer clothes, you have to keep two things in mind. One – how much use are you going to get out of it? Two – Is it for a super special occasion? With these two pointers in mind, you will probably not buy things that are not worth it. For example, a designer pair of jeans is a great thing to invest in as you can wear it over and over and it fits like a dream. A designer wedding outfit is also a purchase that is worth it even though you will wear it only once, since you are buying it for a super special occasion.
  2. Designer outfits that are created keeping highly current trends in mind may not be a great idea. They will not give you maximum bang for your buck, as you will probably not want to wear them once the trend has passed on. When it comes to designer clothing, it is best to buy pieces that will always be in style – like a little black dress, a white shirt, or gorgeous designer sarees.
  3. Designer items are best purchased after carefully evaluating how they will look on you. It is important not to take a hasty decision and buy something that will not look good on your body type or not fit well. When you are spending that kind of money, it is important to know that it will look totally worth it when you wear it.
  4. While donning designer outfits, it is important to get the entire look right. The most gorgeous and expensive clothing will look tacky and off the rack if it is not paired with the right shoes, bag and makeup. If you are dropping big bucks on one thing, you have to ensure that you have the goods to back up the expensive purchase.
  5. Have you noticed how some people can look fabulous even in the most Plain Jane looking attire? Sometimes it is not about how much something costs, but it is more to do with how you carry it and own it. Whether it is designer clothes or something from the clearance bin, your doze of self-confidence will make all the difference.

Maintaining designer clothes by using the right methods to clean and store them will ensure that they last a long time. Remember, fashion trends are always being recycled, so you never know when something comes back in style. Fashion is fleeting but style, grace and poise are eternal. Invest in pieces that enhance exactly that.

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