Get your house ready for winter time

Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and everyone is preparing for yet another exciting holiday season. With the holiday comes heavy snow in some areas and the start of a long winter ahead. If you live in one of the colder areas, what should you do to make sure your house can withstand severe weather conditions? Here are a few tips to get your house ready for the coming winter months:
1. Windows and doors:
One of the most important things in the winter is to keep the inside of the house warm. Heat tends to leak out from windows and doors, however. Therefore, always check all the weather stripping around all the door and window frames. Make sure every possible leak is fixed, so that you can keep the precious air inside.
The next thing you can do is to replace all screen doors and windows with storm doors and storm windows. Also look for any cracks or gaps on your glass windows. For wooden frames, look for any signs of damage and repair or replace when needed.

Get your house ready for winter time
2. Roof
Some people do not know that snow can provide insulation for the house. The truth is, depending on the construction of your roof, a layer of snow on top can work as extra insulation. Don’t let that weird fact be your excuse for not removing the snow though. Too much snow can cause damage when it slides off the roof, or create leakage. Therefore, if the snow layer on top of your roof is deeper than two feet, it’s time to take action.
Before the snow comes, here is what you can do for your roof. To prevent leaking, check all the shingles of your roof for sign of damage. Replace or repair if necessary. If you have gutters, make sure to clean them out beforehand.
3. Heating and ventilating system
To prevent icicles, which can cause ice dams or fall on your car when they melt, make sure you have proper insulation in the attic. Warm air from your attic can cause ice dams, which are quite damaging to your roofing materials and gutters.
To make sure your heating system is in order, you can have a professional come and do a checkup. This includes checks on the furnace, chimney and venting system.
4. Water pipes
Padding your pipes is probably one of the most important items on the list. One single frozen pipe can burst and leave your household in chaos. Therefore, to avoid flooding and water damage, go ahead and cover all exposed pipes with some pipe insulation sleeves. These sleeves should be available at any local hardware store. Also pay attention to bends and joints as they are also vulnerable to temperature change.
5. Emergency stock
Always stay prepare for the worst case scenario. For winter time, you may have to deal with snow storms and blizzards that last for days. Therefore, stock up on an emergency kit. This kit should have food, water, medicine as needed, warm clothes, plenty of batteries, alternative lighting like candles and flash light, and a radio. A three day supply is often recommended.

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