Home Design 101: Choosing the Best Door and Wall Types

Windows And Doors

In the past few years, a lot of changes have been made on the way houses are built and designed and it seems that more and more innovations are along our way. This is why people must decide on the inspiration they would use for their future home to achieve cohesion. Now, most may not realize it, but the choice of door and window designs creates a huge impact on the overall aesthetics and design of the home.

Since you are only going to buy doors and windows once, not only is the design an essential factor you must consider, but the functionality and durability as well. The doors and windows are entryways of your home, and once you make the worst choice for these important aspects, your home may be vulnerable to forced entry and other external factors that can threaten both your family and properties.

Windows And Doors


There are different types of windows and each is entirely reliant on your house design. To help you out with your selection process, we have compiled a list of window designs that can be a perfect choice for your home.

  • Bay Windows: Bay windows are very versatile because it can be designed using the drapes and curtains of your choice. It greatly impacts the home through providing good lighting and a must-see outside view. It’s perfect for the living room and you can simply arrange a long couch near it that would serve as your area for reading or relaxing.
  • Entry Door Windows: If you want emphasis on the design and you desire to add character in your home, entry door windows are a perfect choice. Not only does it set the tone in your home, but it also provides lighting for your interiors.
  • Window Walls: If you have an amazing outdoor view, window walls are going to be a great choice because it minimizes the barrier between the interiors and exteriors. These windows will make the room sunnier because as logically, there will be more lighting inside the home.
  • Dormer Windows: Adding design on the exterior that is covered with expansive roofing is not going to be a problem with the help of dormer windows. These windows can add balance and harmony on the exterior part of your home while providing lighting and height to the interiors.


Selecting doors maybe a major decision, but with this list, you won’t have to worry about making the wrong choices anymore.

  • Barn Doors: If you need to save space and look for a door that’s multi-functional, then barn doors will absolutely suit your needs. Aside from the fact that it does not consume much space, it can also serve as the walls dividing two rooms.
  • Arch-Top Interior Doors: This door type spells class and sophistication. The vintage design of this door is the perfect choice for any interior.
  • Glass and Steel Sliding Door: Contemporary homes need modern doors that can provide lighting and privacy in between rooms. Glass and Steel sliding doors are a perfect choice especially if you want to save space and you think that barn doors do not match your modern home.

If you are clueless on where to look for the best windows and doors, Newman Windows and Doors will definitely be more than happy to assist you all throughout the way. After the selection process, all you need to do is sit down and relax while your dream house is being built.

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